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1960-02-25, WPIX, 54 min.
Adolf Hitler, Paula Wolf, Westbrook Van Voorhis

The many faces of Adolf Hitler are documented. Frau Paula Wolf, the sister of Hitler is interviewed. Westbrook Van Voorhis provides the narration.
1960-07-18, WNEW, 53 min.
Adolf Hitler, Steven Spielberg, Phil Gries, Quentin Reynolds, Dr. Gisela Perl, Sonia Weissman, Janus T., Alain Resnais, Leo Weissman

A one hour special report. Jewish survivors of Nazi atrocities and concentration camp horrors relate their past experiences.

Quentin Reynolds is the host and narrator.  

"Nothing will remain of the Jewish question but a cemetery," predicted a Nazi official when Hitler's program to eliminate the Jews bean in earnest in 1938. Many hundreds of cemeteries were filled before Allied victory halted the Nazi machine in 1945. " REMEMBER US" tells the story of the millions of European Jews who died in prison camps and ghettos during this period, and of those who survived.

Past footage from Documentary films and the accounts of survivors are used to piece together a scenario of life and death as Typhus and starvation stalked the prisoners in the concentration camps, including Dachau, Breendonk, Auschwitz, and Buchenwald, and the ghettos of Europe. Survivors describe the resistance which met the Nazi decision to destroy the Warsaw ghetto in 1943, lengthy trips by cattle-car to extermination camps, capricious selection of gas chamber victims and the endless variety of tortures devised to bring about Hitler's "final solution to the Jewish question."  

Broadcast on TV on July 18, 1960 the "Remember Us" documentary which includes fragments from Alain Resnais' classic 32 minute documentary "Night and Fog" (1956), opens with Dr. Gisela Perl, a survivor of the Holocaust...a Romanian Jewish Gynecologist deported to Auschwitz in 1944 where she attended hundreds of women as an inmate gynecologist without the bare necessities to perform her work, delegated by Josef Mengele. She relates her ordeal and the ordeal of others. Dr. Pearl is best known for her published book in 1948,  "I Was A Doctor in Auschwitz."  Other interviews are spoken by Sonia Weissman (the donor's wife and a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto), Janus T (a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising), and Mr. Friedman (a survivor of Treblinka). The film goes on to use various well-known pieces of footage that exists in the USHMM film and video collection, such as German newsreel footage, Nuremberg War Crimes Trials as well as other war crimes trials, Mogilev gas van footage, etc. The film also incorporates well-known still photographs. There are images (and montages) of equipment used for medical experimentation, for example, a gynecological examination chair. At the conclusion of the film, narrator Quentin Reynolds warns that the Holocaust must be remembered least it be repeated. He then goes on to use the example of apartheid in South Africa as a [contemporary] parallel.

This extraordinary documentary which aired only one time and repeated in the early morning hours, has been forgotten by the general public for 60 years. It is not available anywhere with the exception of an archived  16mm print donated as a gift by Leo Weissman to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in 1999.

A Variety Review described the film this way.

"In  the annals of TV there probably hasn't been a more gruesome documentary than 'Remember Us,' an hour-length 
depiction of the Nazi horror which ravaged 9 ,000,000 lives and left an open sore on humanity's conscience. No better telling has caught the diabolic character of the  Nazi regime than  'Remember Us,' a title which echoes and re-echoes when matched against the past and present. It is not easy to view and listen; a terrible reminder for an unsettled world."

NOTE: It is interesting that 34 years later  Steven Spielberg would initiate a six year world wide filming coordination,  producing "Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation Project," begun in 1994 with the objective to film/video tape and preserve first-person survivor testimonies and encourage their use in education.

In 1985, Phil Gries, founder and owner of Archival Television Audio, Inc. filmed a series of interviews with filmmaker Cluade Lanzmann which were televised each night for four consecutive nights after an installment of Lanzmann's nine and a half hour epic documentary SHOAH, broadcast  on PBS in its entirety. Nine years later, in December of 1994, Gries worked on the documentary "Bringing The Holocaust Home," for the BBC. For many days Gries filmed inside the new United States Holocaust Museum, in Washington DC, which was closed to the public during filming sequences within the museum. This landmark institution opened its doors for the first time to the public the previous year (March 22, 1993). Half - a- year later Phil Gries was hired to film 15 interviews (July-September, 1995)...65 hours of footage with holocaust survivors for the Spielberg Survivors of the Shoah project at the inception of Spielberg's visionary undertaking. Most of the sit down interviews, conducted by social workers, averaged two hours long. Some of  them lasted  four hours long. It was ALWAYS an emotional experience for subject and all others involved in the filming.

Today, twenty five years later,112,000 thousand hours (52,000 separate interviews) of  interviews have been conducted around the world and are preserved in The Visual History Archive. The material is digitized, and fully searchable via indexed keywords, and hyperlinked to the minute at the USC  SHOAH FOUNDATION in Southern California. 

REMEMBER US (1960), in many respects one of the first of such documentary retrospectives of the horrors of the Holocaust, remains a most hard hitting and compelling reminder and retelling of the horrors of Adolf Hitler's "solution to the Jewish question."

1961-01-03, WNBC, 57 min.
Dwight D. Eisenhower, Alexander Scourby, Adolf Hitler, Robert Russell Bennett, Richard Hanser, Wilson Hall, Henry Salomon, Fidel Castro

Alexander Scourby narrates this documentary showing the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler. Produced by Henry Salomon and Richard Hanser. Musical score by Robert Russell Bennett. NBC news bulletins with Wilson Hall interrupts programming, stating that "President Eisenhower has broken off U.S. relations with Castro's Cuba." This program originally aired on March 14, 1956.
1962-09-10, NBC, min.
Adolf Hitler, John Rich, Max Moritz, Rolf Boy

An NBC News Special.
A one hour documentary of Germany today and Germany under the Nazis-interviews with former Nazis and others. The Germans reject the responsibility for the persecution of the Jews during World War 11.  

The barrier of silence between two German generations are explored.
A focus of those born during the last days of the Third Reich.
Ex Nazis Max Moritz and Rolf Boy tell why they went along with Adolf Hitler. Members of the younger generations testify to their hazy knowledge of the Nazi era and to the lack of parental explanation on the subject.

John Rich reports.                                     
#16051: 60 MINUTES
1969-01-01, CBS, min.
Harry Reasoner, Robert Trout, Mike Wallace, Spiro Agnew, Dick Martin, Dan Rowan, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Otto Skorzey, Tom Smothers, Dick Smothers

September 24th, 1968-

An hour newsmagazine with a strong emphasis on investigative reporting. 60 Minutes began in 1968 as a bi-weekly show, alternating on Tuesday evenings with CBS Reports. In the fall of 1971, it shifted to Sunday evenings. In the fall of 1975, it became a weekly series. It remains a fixture on Sunday evenings on CBS to this day.

The eighth broadcast of this bi-weekly news magazine. 

1- A behind-the-scenes look at television comedy profiles Rowan and Martin and the Smothers Brothers. 

2- An interview with vice-president Spiro Agnew.

3- Former SS Colonel Otto Skorzey tells correspondent Robert Trout how he headed the team that spirited Benito Mussolini out of Italy and delivered him to Adolf Hitler in September, 1943. 

Moderators: Harry Reasoner and Mike Wallace. 

1974-12-19, PBS, 52 min.
Leo Genn, Marius Goring

(Part I) German-produced biography of the Nazi Fuhrer narrated by Leo Genn & Marius Goring. "Das Leben von Adolph Hitler" made in 1960-61 by the English documentarian Paul Rotha first aired on PBS television February 19, 1968 and subsequently re-ran on TV in the 1970's. This film largely fulfilled Rotha's goal of creating a historical document infused with strong personal conviction.
1974-12-20, PBS, 52 min.
Leo Genn, Marius Goring

(Part II) German-produced biography of the Nazi Fuhrer narrated by Leo Genn & Marius Goring. "Das Leben von Adolph Hitler" made in 1960-61 by the English documentarian Paul Rotha first aired on PBS television February 19, 1968 and subsequently re-ran on TV in the 1970's. This film largely fulfilled Rotha's goal of creating a historical document infused with strong personal conviction.
1975-09-23, PBS, 90 min.
Leo Genn, Marius Goring

German-produced biography of the Nazi Fuhrer narrated by Leo Genn & Marius Goring. "Das Leben von Adolph Hitler" made in 1960-61 by the English documentarian Paul Rotha first aired on PBS television February 19, 1968 and subsequently re-ran on TV in the 1970's. This film largely fulfilled Rotha's goal of creating a historical document infused with strong personal conviction.
1976-02-25, PBS, 30 min.
Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels

Series of documentaries about the people who lived in London, Berlin, and Leningrad during World War 11. Seventy five percent of Berlin was reduced to rubble during the Second World War.                                     
9 Results found for Adolf Hitler
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