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#13283: CBS NEWS, THE
1958-05-15, CBS, min.
Richard Nixon, Charles De Gaulle

Highlights: Political chaos in France, General De Gaulle willing to assume power following rioting between extremist groups related to Algerian policy, Vice-President Nixon gets a heros welcome in Washington following an explosive trip to South America, comment by Nixon.                          
#13303: CBS NEWS, THE
1958-10-08, CBS, min.
Pope Pius X11

Highlights: The New York Yankees defeat the Milwaukee Braves in game 7 of the 1958 World Series, 6-2 taking back the title from the same Braves who defeated them a year earlier. There is a brief description of the final game, many mourn the death of Pope Pius X11, conclave to elect the new Pope.            
#13325: CBS NEWS, THE
1959-02-06, CBS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Hubert Humphrey, Dwight Eisenhower

Highlights: Khrushchev attacks Senator Humphrey's remarks regarding his comments on the failure of Russian-Chinese communes, Humphrey detects possible Soviet-Chinese rift, President Eisenhower considers a visit to Russia, ICBM "Titan" missile is tested.                         
#13414: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-05-12, CBS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, John David Rockefeller

Highlights: Khrushchev attacks Eisenhower'doubts, Eisenhower visits Russia, claims it would be mad to greet him in Russia due to U-2 incident, Eisenhower defends U-2 missions over Russia to avoid new Pearl Harbors, the swiss order two Russian diplomats to leave Switzerland due to spying, Senator Kennedy presidential chances increase due to West Virginia primary win, Senator Kennedy talks about the opposition and primary success, says he will be nominated by the Democratic party as their presidential candidate. John David Rockefeller Jr. dies at 86.                                                     
#13462: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-08-09, CBS, min.
Herbert Hoover, Nikita Khrushchev, Gary Powers

Highlights: Khrushchev may come to New York as Russian delegation heads to UN, Russians publish an indictment on Gary Powers spying, an interview with Herbert Hoover on health issues.                         
#13464: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-08-17, CBS, min.
Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, Francis Gary Powers

Highlights: Francis Gary Powers trial opens in Moscow, President Eisenhower comments on the trial, Gallop poll among others gives Nixon favorable odds to a victory in the fall. Indonesia breaks off diplomatic relations with the Netherlands. 

NOTE: Francis Gary Powers was an American pilot whose Central Intelligence Agency U-2 spy plane was shot down while flying a reconnaissance mission in the Soviet Union airspace, causing a1960 
U-2 incident.                                        
#13485: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-09-22, CBS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro, Dwight Eisenhower, Sylvanus Olympio

Eisenhower speaks at the UN, Khrushchev at the plaza reception receives boos, nine-year-old Venezuelan girl dies after being shot by Cuban fanatics, Castro gives interview in Harlem hotel, honored by people of Harlem, hopes Khrushchev will visit him in Cuba, Togoland president Olympio comments on possible Khrushchev visit to his country.                                       
#13488: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-09-29, CBS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Harold Macmillan, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Adolf Eichman

Khrushchev throws a tantrum at the UN, Khrushchev heckles Harold Macmillan UN talk and pounds on the table, Khrushchev wants allies to accept Russian disarmament terms, fifty-seven Americans harassed by Cubans in Havana, five hundred Americans leave Cuba, reporter comments on condition in police state Cuba, Nixon calls Kennedy a "monumental failure". Adolf Eichman trial to begin soon.           
#13521: CBS NEWS, THE
1961-01-24, CBS, 2 min.
CBS Newsman

Pirate on the seized ship the "Santa Maria" announces intentions and reasons for seizing the ship. The ship cannot be found.            
#13535: CBS NEWS, THE
1961-04-13, CBS, min.
Fidel Castro, John F. Kennedy, Yuri Gagarin

Highlights: Moscow prepares to receive Yuri Gagarin, Krelim boasts of superiority, challenges US in the space race, US Congressman says US lags in space, President Kennedy says the US will not directly overthrow Castro but will aid others to achieve that end.           
#13557: CBS NEWS, THE
1961-04-23, CBS, min.
Fidel Castro, Howard K. Smith

CBS newsman Howard K. Smith comments on the Cuban invasion fiasco, he also comments on recent Russian supremacy over US in space and on other matters.                          
#13561: CBS NEWS, THE
1961-04-25, CBS, min.
Charles De Gaulle

Insurgent generals revolt collapses, De Gaulle victorious vs. fanatics from Algeria, $500 million dollars in aid approved for Latin America,             
#13629: CBS NEWS, THE
1962-03-18, CBS, min.
Fidel Castro, Charles De Gaulle

Highlights: President De Gaulle proclaims an end to the Algerian war, the French secret army vows to fight to finish with the Algerian National extremists, (OAS) to continue shootings, assassinations, the Soviet air force harass Berlin air corridor, the US is expected to send 2,000 advisors to South Vietnam in aid against the Viet Cong, Castro's Cuba urges the US to abandon Guantanamo, food rationing in Cuba is tightened.                        
#13835: CBS NEWS, THE
1962-10-22, CBS, min.

First-class mystery story developing in Washington with possible grave consequences, extreme secrecy and tension in the air possibly involving Berlin or Cuba, most speculation surrounds Cuba, emergency construction crews at Key West, servicemen pour into Florida, the Chinese Reds continue the assault on the Indians, they accuse Indians of aggression in the Himalayas, the Soviets avoid comment on this border war.           
#13869: CBS NEWS, THE
1962-11-03, CBS, min.
Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy

Topics: US photos show Cubans are dismantling Russian missile installations, ex-president Eisenhower backs Kennedy's Cuban moves.                         
#13906: CBS NEWS, THE
1962-12-11, CBS, min.

Topics: A review of the puppet show in New York City, the roster of CBS-TV daytime shows.             
#13909: CBS NEWS, THE
1962-12-12, CBS, min.
Fidel Castro, John F. Kennedy, Pope John

The US investigates racial discrimination in Rapid City, South Dakota, the Women's "Peace Front" is investigated as pro-Red, 250 US students plan to visit Cuba at Castro's expense, Pope John is ill, he predicts he won't be around next year, President Kennedy will send out picture Christmas cards, CBS to expand the news to a half-hour in the fall.             
#13911: CBS NEWS, THE
1962-12-14, CBS, min.
John F. Kennedy

Venus probe approaches the planet will send signals within the hour, the US launches a relay satellite, President Kennedy is in New York City at groundbreaking ceremonies for proposed 1964 World's Fair.              
#13992: CBS NEWS, THE
1963-03-05, CBS, min.
Nelson Rockefeller, Herbert Hoover, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Tony Anastasio

Topics: Floods in the Midwest, Governor Rockefeller criticizes President Kennedy's civil rights program, Pam-Am building to open, Brooklyn dock boss Tony Anastasio is dead, Congress to approve a bill permitting Winston Churchill to become an honorary US citizen, Herbert Hoover receives an award from Stanford University, SINA group wants animals clothed.                          
#14044: CBS NEWS, THE
1963-04-10, CBS, min.

The US nuclear submarine "Thresher" is lost with 129 aboard, US combat troops man guns in South Vietnam war, Algerian minister is shot, miscellaneous from the radio.           
#14083: CBS NEWS, THE
1963-05-07, CBS, min.
Jackie Robinson

Topics: Further racial strife in Birmingham, Alabama, comment by Jackie Robinson, the crisis in Haiti, the 74th American GI dies in the Vietnam war, ship crash in New York Harbor.             
#14088: CBS NEWS, THE
1963-05-13, CBS, min.
George Wallace, Gordon Cooper, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy

Topics: 3,000 Federal troops sent by President Kennedy to Birmingham to quell riots and bombings in racial crisis, Governor Wallace protests US interference, Attorney General Robert Kennedy comments, astronaut Gordon Cooper prepares for orbital space flight tomorrow.              
#14130: CBS NEWS, THE
1963-05-31, CBS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Harold Macmillan, John F. Kennedy, Pope John 23

Pope John the 23rd is dying of cancer, President Kennedy will send Congress his civil rights pact, negroes plan demonstrations in Florida, violence in Philadelphia over job discrimination, nuclear fallout to increase in the US, Kennedy, and Macmillan sends a note to Khrushchev on the nuclear test ban treaty, 1000 Japanese protest visit of US nuclear submarine to Japan.                          
#14245: CBS NEWS, THE
1963-07-26, CBS, min.
Fidel Castro, Adlai Stevenson, John F. Kennedy, Strom Thurmond, John Pastore

Topics: President Kennedy talks about the nuclear test ban treaty, the Chinese Reds will probably set up a crash program to test the nuclear bomb, Fidel Castro accuses the US as "swindlers" and Kennedy as a"ruffian" in ransom deal, discussion of the earthquake in Yugoslavia, Ambassador Adlai Stevenson comments on Portuguese colonies, the Senate Commerce Committee is in another squabble on civil rights legislation, Senators John Pastore and Strom Thurmond in a row, a hot primary campaign for Governor of Mississippi, candidates viciously attack President Kennedy.                                       
#14460: CBS NEWS, THE
1964-03-02, CBS, min.
Douglas MacArthur, Robert Wagner, Eric Sevareid, Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby trial in furor, New York City Mayor Robert Wagner's wife dies, General Douglas MacArthur enters the hospital.
Eric Sevareid comments on the New Hampshire primary,                          
#14549: CBS NEWS, THE
1964-06-12, CBS, 10 min.
Barry Goldwater, William Scranton

Governor William Scranton announces he will enter the GOP race for the presidential nomination in an attempt to stop Goldwater, he claims the Republican party will be in danger if Goldwater wins, interview with Scranton.           
#14746: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-02-17, CBS, 1 min.
Charles Collingwood

The latest news from CBS news.  

Host: Charles Collingwood.                     
#14786: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-03-23, CBS, 27 min.
John Young, Virgil Grissom, Lyndon Johnson

Gemini 11 spaceflight (Young and Grissom) aboard, Ranger 9 rocket heads toward the moon, Moscow hails space-walking cosmonauts, President Johnson talks to returned astronauts.           
#14878: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-06-08, CBS, 5 min.
Peter Jennings

The latest Vietnam war news. Includes an excerpt of the ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings.                        
#14891: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-06-14, CBS, min.

News events of the day from CBS News.            
#14895: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-07-09, CBS, min.
Walter Cronkite, Jack Dempsey, Henry Cabot Lodge, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Maxwell Taylor

President Johnson says Vietnam war will get worse before it gets better, Robert Kennedy criticizes US policy in Vietnam, General Maxwell Taylor resigns as ambassador, replaced by Henry Cabot Lodge, Jack Dempsey comments on the state of today's boxing, Walter Cronkite reports from Zone-"D" in South Vietnam, a report from the Da Nang Air Force base.                          
#14896: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-07-12, CBS, min.
Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite with an airstrike mission in the Vietnam jungle, more US troops arrive in Vietnam, now a US war, a report from Camron Bay on the arrival of more US troops, (1st infantry division.)            
#14932: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-07-14, CBS, min.
Walter Cronkite, Adlai Stevenson, Robert McNamara

The death of Adlai Stevenson, Robert McNamara suggests calling up reserves, National Guard draft call to meet Vietnam demands, McNamara contradiction of one year ago, Walter Cronkite interviews airborne brigade in Vietnam, Viet Cong called cowards and bums, US support for troops.         
#14934: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-07-21, CBS, 21 min.
Walter Cronkite, Morley Safer

An intense review on the course of the Vietnam war, more Americans may have to be sent to Vietnam, 200,000 might be sent, North Vietnam says US troops are not suitable for a guerilla war, Walter Cronkite reports, other reports from Vietnam, US marines burn village in retaliation for a burst of gunfire,  report by Morley Safer,                          
#14946: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-09-18, CBS, 5 min.
Martin Agronsky, William Fulbright

Martin Agronsky analysis, the Dominican Republic conflict, comment by Senator William  Fulbright.  

Commercial plugs for the return of Beverly Hillbillies and other CBS shows scheduled for the CBS TV fall line-up. 
Sinclair gasoline.                       
#14953: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-10-11, CBS, 5 min.

A report on anti-draft protests.            
#14956: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-10-12, CBS, 5 min.
Morley Safer

Morley Safer describes battle incidents in Vietnam.            
#14963: CBS NEWS, THE
1965-10-18, CBS, 7 min.
Jim Jensen

The US investigates the Ku Klux Klan.  

News opening by Jim Jensen.                       
#15039: CBS NEWS, THE
1966-02-01, CBS, 29 min.
Hedda Hopper, Buster Keaton

The deaths of Buster Keaton and Hedda Hopper.

Includes commercials.          
#15078: CBS NEWS, THE
1966-03-05, CBS, 4 min.
Richard C. Hottelet

The latest CBS News sponsored by Chevy.  

Richard C. Hottelet reporting. 

#15117: CBS NEWS, THE
1966-03-16, CBS, 3 min.
Bill Stout, Emmett Ashford

A report on Emmett Ashford, Major League Baseball's first black umpire. Bill Stout reports.           
#15175: CBS NEWS, THE
1966-06-06, CBS, min.
James Meredith

More news on the killing of civil rights worker James Meredith, Gemini 9 spacecraft has a successful splashdown.          
#15232: CBS NEWS, THE
1966-11-16, CBS, min.
Ho Chi Minh

A report on Vietnam fighting, GI's comment in aftermath of battle, Ho Chi Minh thanks the Russians for aid.           
#15301: CBS NEWS, THE
1967-02-17, WCBS, min.
Lyndon Johnson, Byron De La Beckwith, James Duryea

Tough South Korean troops in Vietnam, women protest the war at the Pentagon, the lunar orbiter sends back high-quality pictures of the moon's surface, James Duryea, inventor of the first gasoline-powered automobile in America, dies at 97, President Johnson sends congress his civil rights proposal, Byron De La Beckwith, slayer of Medgar Evers, will run for Lt. Governor of Mississippi.                         
#19555: CBS NEWS, THE
1967-06-09, CBS, min.
Richard C. Hottelet, Gamal Nasser

Gamal Nasser offers to resign following military defeat in the Middle East, he comments on the war, UN on ceasefire acceptance, Israeli troops in Bethlehem, thirty-three dead aboard US ship "Liberty" after an Israeli attack. Live council meeting at the UN. Richard C. Hottelet reports.   

Duplicate of #15328.                                  
#19595: CBS NEWS, THE
1967-06-09, CBS, min.
Richard C. Hottelet, Gamal Nasser

Gamal Nasser offers to resign following military defeat in the Middle East, he comments on the war, UN on ceasefire acceptance, Israeli troops in Bethlehem, thirty-three dead aboard US ship "Liberty" after an Israeli attack. Live council meeting at the UN. Richard C. Hottelet reports.    

Duplicate of #15328.                                 
#15328: CBS NEWS, THE
1967-06-09, CBS, min.
Richard C. Hottelet, Gamal Nasser

Gamal Nasser offers to resign following military defeat in the Middle East, he comments on the war, UN on ceasefire acceptance, Israeli troops in Bethlehem, thirty-three dead aboard US ship "Liberty" after an Israeli attack. Live council meeting at the UN. Richard C. Hottelet reports.                         
#19624: CBS NEWS, THE
1967-07-15, CBS, 25 min.
Bill Stout, Richard Hughes

Negro riots in Newark, New Jersey, comment by New Jersey Governor Richard Hughes, on-the-spot reports about riots. 
The GOP Perspective, Bill Stout reports.                                                                
#19625: CBS NEWS, THE
1967-07-15, CBS, 25 min.
Bill Stout, Richard Hughes

Negro riots in Newark, New Jersey, comment by New Jersey Governor Richard Hughes, on-the-spot reports about riots. 
The GOP Perspective, Bill Stout reports.                                                                             
#15339: CBS NEWS, THE
1967-07-15, CBS, 25 min.
Bill Stout, Richard Hughes

Negro riots in Newark, New Jersey, comment by New Jersey Governor Richard Hughes, on-the-spot reports about riots. 
The GOP Perspective, Bill Stout reports.                                                   
72 Results found for CBS NEWS, THE
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