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1955-09-28, WNBC, 11 min.
Mel Allen, Whitey Ford, Jackie Robinson, Don Hoak, Casey Stengel, Gil Hodges, Vin Scully, Gil McDougald, Carl Furillo, Don Zimmer, Frank Kellert, Don Bessent, Jim Gilliam

The World Series, GAME ONE, September 28, 1955, at Yankee Stadium. 

The Brooklyn Dodgers vs New York Yankees. 
This is the NBC TV broadcast with Vin Scully calling the play by play.
Top of the eighth inning, Carl Furillo singles to center field. 
Gil Hodges flies out to left field. 
Jackie Robinson gets on base when his ground ball goes through the legs of New York Yankee third baseman, Gil McDougald...Furillo advancing to third base and Jackie winding up at second base. Don Zimmer flies out to center field allowing Furillo to tag up from third base making the score now 6 to 4, in favor of the New York Yankees. Robinson tags up from second base and advances to third base. Frank Kellert pinch hits for Brooklyn Dodger pitcher reliever, Don Bessent. On the second pitch by Whitey Ford, Jackie Robinson steals home, only the fifth player to accomplish this feat in World Series history, and the last to do so. 

NOTE: Not included in this air check is Kellert's single, after Robinson steals home. We pick up Vin Scully's play by play with Casey Stengel leaving in Whitey Ford to continue pitching and Don Hoak pinch running for Kellert, whose single is missing from this recording. Jim "Junior" Gilliam pops out to third base ending the inning. Mel Allen is heard doing a Gillette commercial with Casey Stengel.

Brooklyn Dodger Line-Up as described in

Jim Gilliam LF
Pee Wee Reese SS
Duke Snider CF
Roy Campanella C
Carl Furillo RF
Gil Hodges 1B
Jackie Robinson 3B
Don Zimmer 2B
Don Newcombe P
Don Bessent P
Clem Labine P
Frank Kellert PH
Don Hoak PR

NOTE: In a phone conversation with Vin Scully (October 19, 2021), Phil Gries plays the steal of home by Jackie Robinson audio track to which Scully states that his "trademark was to call a play and then shut up." 

When Jackie Robinson stole home Scully stated, "Robinson is dancing off third, shaking up the crowd. Robbie is coming to the plate. The throw to Berra. He steals it!" 

Only the roar of the crowd can be heard for over a minute afterwards, with no additional commentary from the greatest baseball announcer of all time, Vin Scully, as agreed upon by most baseball journalist historians.

Angeles City Council on Friday officially renamed Elysian Park Avenue after the revered announcer, Vin Scully, who's been the voice of the Dodgers for 67 years. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

By: Ed Sherman
September 14, 2016
There are many ways to measure the incredible longevity of Dodgers announcer Vin Scully. Given my background, I will go with the sportswriter perspective.

When Scully made his debut in 1950, Grantland Rice, the most influential sportswriter of all time, was writing columns about Jackie Robinson for a Dodgers teams located in Brooklyn.

Now that is some longevity.

Well, it turns out old Vin couldn’t go on forever. After 67 years in the booth, he finally is hanging up the microphone at the end of the Dodgers season.

It truly has been an epic run for Scully, and the fanfare will be unprecedented for his final game broadcasts. In the vast pantheon of great announcers in baseball history, there is no debate about No. 1.

“He’s so much greater than anyone who has ever done this,” Cubs radio announcer Pat Hughes told me for a Chicago Tribune column on Scully. “It’s not even close. It’s an embarrassment of riches. He’s the best, he’s done it the longest and he’s been with one franchise. It’s amazing all of this can be said about one man.”

Scully will leave behind numerous lessons for current and prospective members of the media. First and foremost is his emphasis on preparation. Hughes and Cubs TV announcer Len Kasper each made a point of marveling at how much research Scully does for a broadcast. 

Yet something Kasper said really gets to the essence of what makes Scully so great.

“It’s so striking that what he says, and the words he uses, plays as well on paper as it does on a broadcast,” Kasper said. “He’s like a great author. His pen is his voice.”
1957-09-29, WOKO, 123 min.
Roger Craig, Roy Campanella, Gil Hodges, Gino Cimoli, Vin Scully, Sandy Koufax, Randy Jackson, Don Zimmer, Jerry Doggett, Bob Kennedy, Joe Pignatano, Richie Ashburn, Don Landrum, Ed Bouchee, Harry Anderson, Willie Jones, Solly Hemus, Joe Lonnett, Seth Morehead, Jim Gilliam, Chico Fernandez

The final Brooklyn Dodger baseball game before the Brooklyn Dodgers were scheduled to leave for Los Angeles, California, for the 1958 season, departing Brooklyn after playing 45 years at Ebbets Field. This final Brooklyn Dodger baseball game is played on the road in Philadelphia Pennsylvania against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Broadcast on radio WOKO 1460. Vin Scully and Jerry Dogget call the play-by-play. Ironically, this memorable baseball game was not televised to home fans in Brooklyn as was the New York Giants final game at the Polo Grounds.

This game is notable also for the fact that it contains the last at bat of Brooklyn Dodger catcher great Roy Campanella who would suffer paralysis as a result of an automobile accident on January 28, 1958, ending his illustrious baseball career.  
                         Starting Lineups 

Brooklyn Dodgers

1   Jim Gilliam  2B
2   Gino Cimoli  CF
3   Carl Furillo RF
4   Gil Hodges   1B
5   Bob Kennedy  LF
6   Randy Jackson 3B
7   Don Zimmer   SS
8   Joe Pignatano C
9   Roger Craig   P
10  Sandy Koufax  P      
11  Roy Campanella PH

Philadelphia Phillies

1	Richie Ashburn	RF
2	Don Landrum	CF
3	Ed Bouchee	1B
4	Harry Anderson	LF
5	Willie Jones	3B
6	Solly Hemus	2B
7	Chico Fernandez	SS
8	Joe Lonnett	C
9	Seth Morehead	P

NOTE: This is a COMPLETE GAME, unlike radio broadcast versions that exists on the internet and /or housed in other museums or private collector's archives, which contain in their recordings missing counts related to player at bats. 

Phil Gries has processed the original recording as recorded off the air at the time of the original broadcast, correcting pitch, sound glitches, clicks, and equalization, resulting in overall improved sound quality.  
1959-10-08, WNBC, 17 min.
Bill Veeck, Roger Craig, Don Drysdale, Larry Sherry, Duke Snider, Warren Giles, Joe Cronin, Ford Frick, Charlie Neal, Jack Brickhouse, Gil Hodges, Vin Scully, Walter Alston

Jack Brickhouse calls the play-by-play in the ninth inning as the Los Angeles Dodgers win the 1959 World Series against the Chicago White Sox in Game 6. Final Score Dodgers 9, White Sox 3. 

A world series record for The Los Angeles Dodgers coming from seventh place in 1958, their first year in Los Angeles after moving from Brooklyn after the 1957 season, and winning a World Series the following year.  

Vin Scully interviews the victorious Los Angeles Dodgers from their clubhouse. He talks to Warren Giles, Bill Veeck, and Gil Hodges, who mentions that it took "umpteen" years to win a Brooklyn Dodger series, and it took only two years to do the same in Los Angeles.
Also at the mike with Vin Scully are  Duke Snider, Joe Cronin, Walter Alston, Charlie Neal, Roger Craig, Don Drysdale, Larry Sherry, and commissioner of baseball Ford Frick. Vin Scully signs off the air for the Gillette Safety Razor Blades sponsor with the Gillette theme music in the background. This was the last year a Gillette sign off was used for a World Series Television Broadcast.                                        
1962-06-03, CBS, min.
Rudy Vallee, Bill Dana, Ed Sullivan, Paul Anka, Willie Mays, Gil Hodges, Jose Jimenez

           June 20, 1948 - May 30, 1971

Television's longest running variety series. Originally, titled, TOAST OF THE TOWN, the name of the series changed on September 18, 1955 to THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW. Most remembered for introducing many stand-up comedians, and musical acts, including The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, The Beatles. 

 Most of the 1,087 broadcasts, encompassing 10,000 performers, have been archived. The major exceptions are the first half year of shows circa 1948 of which a few kinescope excerpts survive.
The ED SULLIVAN SHOW was a spectacular show-case that for twenty-three years entertained the American family. In its prime, more than thirty million viewers, young and old, tuned in at the same time to view popular culture.   

Ed's guests include Willie Mays, Gil Hodges, Rudy Vallee, Paul Anka, and Bill (Jose Jimenez) Dana.                                                  
1963-04-04, WOR, 6 min.
Charlie Neal, Gil Hodges, Casey Stengal

A special on New York's new National League baseball team the New York Mets. Interviews with Mets Charlie Neal, Gil Hodges, manager Casey Stengal, others.                           
1963-09-12, WOR, 49 min.
Duke Snider, Miss Rheingold 1963, Lindsey Nelson, Ralph Kiner, Bob Murphy, Gil Hodges, M. Donald Grant, Dick Young, Martha Wright, Abe Stark

A tribute to former Brooklyn Dodgers and current New York Mets, Duke Snider at the Polo Grounds with Ralph Kiner, Bob Murphy, Lindsey Nelson, Abe Stark, Dick Young, Miss Rheingold of 1963, Gil Hodges, and M. Donald Grant. Duke Snider speaks to all his fans at the microphone. Following is a fitting tribute to the N.Y. Giants who used to play at the Polo Grounds. Miss Martha Wright sings "Auld Lang Syne" and the "National Anthem" and asks the fans to join in... "for the Duke!" On Kiner's Korner, Ralph Kiner interviews Snider who reflects on his illustrious career year by year.                                       
1968-07-21, WNEW, 52 min.
Yogi Berra, Jackie Robinson, Merv Griffin, Toots Shor, Rocky Graziano, Gil Hodges, Joel Grey, Dionne Warwick, Gary Puckett and The Union Gap, Hendra and Ullett, Julie Budd, David Merrick, Jordan Christopher, Arthur Treacher, Sybil Christopher, Peter Kriendler, Renee Taylor, Union Gap

Manhattan landmarks supply backdrops for this potpourri of music, comedy, celebrity interviews and fashion displays.             
1970-04-06, WOR, 9 min.
Lindsey Nelson, Gil Hodges

    SPECIAL  one hour broadcast, of which only the first nine minutes are recorded, recounts the elements that led to the New York Mets team's triumph last year winning the World Series after placing 9th in 1968.

Gil Hodges is interviewed by Lindsey Nelson. He states the reasons that led to the team's success last year when the Mets won 100 games, twenty seven more games than the year before. 

Hodges relates how he felt when he initially left his managerial role with the Washington Senators after the 1967 season and signed on to manage the Mets in 1968. Gil states that the most important quality a team can achieve during a season is for each player to take pride each day in one's own accomplishments and the importance of  sustaining few injuries during a complete season which was the scenario for the New York Mets in 1969.

1972-04-02, WNEW, min.
Gil Hodges, George Sharman

 Leading news story, former Brooklyn Dodger baseball great and manager of the New York Mets, Gil Hodges dead of a heart attack at the age of 47.           
1972-10-27, ABC, 21 min.
Bill Veeck, Branch Rickey, Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson Jr., Howard Cosell, Hank Aaron, Ralph Branca, Gil Hodges, David Robinson, Don Newcombe, Bill Russell, Jesse Jackson, Bobby Bragan, Buzzi Bavasi, Martin Stone, Marian Logan

  A Special Report about Jackie Robinson by Howard Cosell on the day of Robinson's funeral (October 27, 1972).

Admiration of Brooklyn Dodger baseball player (1947-1956), on and off the field, by the people who knew him and admired him. This ABC TV Special is joined in progress. There are reminiscences by Ralph Branca, and  Bobby Bragan, teammates of Robinson in 1947...challenges for Jackie during his rookie year when he first played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. 
Other reflections are espoused by Buzzie Bavasi, Bill Veeck, Hank Aaron, Martin Stone, who was Jackie Robinson's attorney, Marian Logan, who worked with Jackie Robinson, basketball great Bill Russell, and eldest son of Jackie Robinson, David Robinson. 
At the funeral of Robinson, Jesse Jackson talks to Howard Cosell about the eulogy he just delivered.

Another segment included is an interview Howard Cosell had with Jackie Robinson as both were leaving the funeral of Gil Hodges (April 1972). Jackie looks back at his past and reflects on his life and career, including the tragic recent loss of his son Jackie Robinson Jr. 

NOTE: This SPECIAL Jackie Robinson tribute report produced by Howard Cosell is not only lost to history as a television broadcast, in any form, it is little known/remembered to even archivists that it ever was broadcast.                                                     
10 Results found for Gil Hodges
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