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ATA Historical

Phil Gries, at the age of 16 years old, records first television audio air checks on 1/4" reel to reel Webcor Stereophonic tape recorder, from his home in Brooklyn, New York. The interest to preserve television audio develops into a passion, recording over a thousand broadcasts, mostly during the early 1960's including the LOST NBC TELEVISION JFK assassination bulletins by Don Pardo, Red Barber's LOST TV call of Roger Maris' 61st Home Run, HERE'S HOLLYWOOD interviews with Buster Keaton, Steve McQueen, Bud Abbott, Bronco Billy Anderson, etc., which eventually leads to the creation and development of ARCHIVAL TELEVISION AUDIO, INC., a peerless TV Audio Air Check Archive, which uniquely exists over a half century later.


Phil Gries visits The Museum of Broadcasting in New York City for the first time. Realization that there is an enormous amount of television programs not contained in the collection at the museum, and the realization that hundreds of represented sound tracks in Phil Gries' personal collection represent LOST television programs, which only exist as sound...having personally audio tape recorded them twenty eight years ago.


First independent research collating all television audio air checks which were originally recorded by Phil Gries...detailing exact air dates, and data related to each program on each tape.


First communications and solicitations from MEDIA ARCHIVES, MUSEUMS & UNIVERSITIES. Donations of peerless TV audio from Phil Gries collection given to The Paley Center for Media (formerly known as The Museum of Broadcasting and The Museum of Television & Radio), and to The Library of Congress, UCLA Film & Television Archive, Museum of Broadcast Communications, Library of American Broadcasting, National Public Broadcasting Archives, many others.


First usage of television air checks from the ATA archive...creating and editing a biography in sound on the career of Jimmy Durante. The original 78 minute audio tape titled, 'Durante: His Life and Music in Retrospect' has a running time of 78 minutes. It is entirely created and edited using only original JD television interviews and performances.


Phil Gries personal in-person interviews...discussions related to lost television broadcasts, with Steve Allen, Hugh Downs, Merv Griffin, Dick Cavett, Charles Kuralt, many others.




Initiated first Post Office mailing address for ATA to conduct correspondence and business (P.O. Box 182, Flushing, New York, 11367)


First sale of an archival television audio air check to a client.


Move ATA collection from Flushing New York to Albertson, New York. Change Post Office Mailing address (P.O. Box 88, Albertson, New York 11507).


First printing of a 159 page Archival Television Audio, Inc. print catalog.


First reviews received in publications regarding ATA, including articles and commentary in The Big Reel, Classic Images, Classic TV, The TV Collector, Audience, Celebrity Collector, TV Chronicles, Rerun, others.


Acquire Dave Williams television audio air check collection.


Acquire selected Bill Mackey television audio air checks.


Newspaper profiles written about ATA founder and owner, Phil Gries, published over a period of four years in The New York Times, Newsday, The New York Daily News & The New York Post.


Vince DiPalma associates with Archival Television Audio, Inc. Currently, ATA Managing Director, and in charge of communications.


Live Television broadcast from the archive studio of Archival Television Audio, Inc. (Old Westbury, New York) profiling the collection of the Archival Television Audio, Inc. Archive...demonstrations, air checks, and interview with Phil Gries.


Acquire Louis Schrammel television audio air check collection.


Nine year correspondence with Woody Allen, receiving twenty one detailed mostly hand written letters from him, in return for Phil Gries / ATA sending Mr. Allen forty one television audio air checks related to Woody Allen's television career as a writer and performer (1955-1968), prior to his Motion Picture career as a director.


Acquire Lee Hoffman television audio air check collection.


Acquire Pat Rispole television audio air check collection.


First appearance of ATA on the internet, linked in AUDIENCE MAGAZINE website "Out of the Archives."


First screen credit for Archival Television Audio, Inc. Two hour documentary broadcast "NYTV: BY THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT" (PBS WNET N.Y. Channel 13 - December 14, 1998).


Major review of ATA archive by columnist Paul Holbrook in THE BIG REEL publication, "AS SEEN ON TV."


Second edition expanded 256 page print catalog issued by ATA.


First standard opening announcement recorded and used on each new master ATA recording by Dorielle Rogers and Lawrence Geddie.


Acquire selected Bill Anthony television audio air checks from his personal collection.


Acquire selected George Vlasto television audio air checks.


Acquire selected Don Chichester television audio air checks.


Acquire selected Fred Berney television audio air checks.


National Public Radio profile of Phil Gries and ATA on segment of 'All Things Considered / Lost & Found Sound' broadcast from Washington DC.


First installment of an ATA television transcript pertaining to a "lost television interview" published in RERUN MAGAZINE...feature, "VOICES FROM THE PAST."


XM Satellite Radio offering of a yearly contract to Phil Gries / Archival Television Audio, Inc. to present a weekly series ('This Day In Television History')... a five minute broadcast retrospective, each evening, using the ATA collection resource, hosted by Phil Gries.


Acquire selected Steve Tompkins television audio air checks.


Phil Gries presenter / speaker at the 35th annual National ARSC (Association of Recorded Sound Collections) conference at the British Library, in London England.


Mark Gadson associates with Archival Television Audio, Inc. First webmaster overseeing construction of initial ATA website and its maintenance. Advisor and on-going contributor to ATA website.


Initiation of an ARCHIVAL TELEVISION AUDIO, INC. internet website (


ATA official acceptance as a record holder (ID # 5364) by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.


ATA resource of peerless audio air checks used in a retrospective historical news series broadcast by National Public Radio, with host Walter Cronkite. John McDonough writer / producer. Art Silverman executive producer.


Matthew Barba associates with Archival Television Audio, Inc. as first major contributor, implementing and programming new data and designing and implementing initial home page boarder photo collage.


Jon Levitt associates with Archival Television Audio, Inc. as primary contributor, programming new data to the ATA website.


Move studio of ATA from Old Westbury, New York to Sea Cliff, New York.


Civil Rights Movement (1956-1968) compilation link added to the ATA website.


Announcer Jerry Immel creates new standard voice opening which introduces the ATA online website and each new master recording.


Joint marketing agreement with NEW MEDIA DYNAMICS...the engine that converts content into Visible Audio Content. Craig Powers implements a number of audio and text samplers to the ATA website as well as additional implementations to the ATA website.


Photo Session and two hour interview at the ATA Archival studio in Sea Cliff, New York by Newsday's Diane Werts.


Space Exploration (1956-1972) compilation link added to the ATA website.


Acquire, from Ken Segura, a collection by an unknown individual, who recorded original television audio air checks in the 1950's.


Craig Powers associates with Archival Television Audio, Inc. as primary contributor to ATA website. Implements 103 streaming audio excerpts on ATA website home page, originally configured and data based by Mark Gadson and Phil Gries in 2007.


Presenter, Phil Gries speaks about the ATA collection to the newly formed New York Chapter of ARSC in New York City.


Chip Gribben associates with Archival Television Audio, Inc. Creates expanded banner of photographs on ATA home page, adding an additional 25 photos, now consisting of a 42 photo collage with searchlight effect...allowing to search the ATA data base, implemented by Craig Powers, for a complete inventory search related to each photo celebrity.


Phil Gries interview appearing in websiteTNJN - LEGACY OF A FALL: JFK assassination ( related to circumstances and memory of personally audio taping the "LOST" first Don Pardo bulletins and the first 3 minutes & 53 seconds of "LOST" NBC TV's coverage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 (1:45:03 eastern standard time).


Phil Gries presenter / speaker at the 43rd Annual National ARSC (Association of Recorded Sound Collections) Conference, Washington D.C. (Attended by 284 archivists, including 19 staff members from the Library of Congress).


Phil Gries presenter / speaker at the 44th Annual National ARSC (Association of Recorded Sound Collections) Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.


Phil Gries, author of paper published in ARSC Journal (volume 41, no. 2 - Fall 2010) titled: "Archival Television Audio: Surviving Television Broadcast Sound Tracks Representing Lost TV Programs (1946-1972)."


Beginning March 28th Phil Gries with host Ed Robertson, heard as a semi-regular feature segment, “SOUNDS OF LOST TELEVISION,” appearing on the two hour weekly radio broadcast, “TV CONFIDENTIAL” - A Radio Talk Show About Television.


Phil Gries, presenter / speaker with guest Scott Ellsworth (“SCOTT’S PLACE” – KFI LOS ANGELES RADIO (1970-1972), at The 45th Annual National ARSC (Association of Recorded Sound Collections) conference, Los Angeles, California.


Acquisition by ATA of peerless one hundred thirty five Gray Audograph Dictaphone Discs (135 hours), archiving audio air checks from one complete week of CBS (KNXT Los Angeles), TELEVISION broadcasting, 6am to 2am, Sunday September 1 thru Saturday September 7th 1957.


“VIETNAM WAR: US INVOLVEMENT & ESCALATION (1961-1968)” compilation link added to the Archival Television Audio, Inc. website (606 titles).


Attend 36th annual, and final, Friends of Old Time Radio convention…where past contacts were made (most notably in 1997 and 1998), obtaining additional television audio air check collections.


Acknowledgement to ARCHIVAL TELEVISION AUDIO, INC. in biographical book by Regis Philbin, “HOW I GOT THIS WAY,” released to the public, November 15, 2011.


Collate Definitive RESEARCH REPORT presented to Jeff Sotzing, President of The Carson Entertainment Group, encompassing SURVIVING EPISODES (COMPLETE & EXCERPT) of the FIRST 10 YEARS of NBC broadcasting of THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON (October 1, 1962 – September 29, 1972). During this ten year period only 243 excerpts and only 33 complete broadcasts survive, of which only 12 complete broadcasts represent the entire decade of the 1960’s!


Phil Gries interviewed by Joe Franklin airing on BLOOMBERG ON THE WEEKEND RADIO…discussion of the ATA archive…its origins, content and current objectives.


Many personal correspondences with Hugh Downs culminating in the Donation to his historical library, located at Arizona State University, twenty one different “lost” Jack Paar Tonight Show audio air checks (1957-1962).


Release of “THE INCREDIBLE MEL BROOKS” – a SHOUT FACTORY four DVD disc set retrospective collection of Film & TV excerpts.
Included is a CD Bonus Disc which contains 38 minutes of Archival Television Audio, Inc. “lost” Mel Brooks’ television appearances (Open End – March 22, 1964, The Tonight Show – April 21, 1964, The New Les Crane Show – August 3, 5, & 6, 1964, The Celebrity Game – July 15, and August 12, 1965).


Transaction (Tonight Show premiere Oct. 1, 1962 TV audio excerpt) to PETER JONES PRODUCTIONS, INC. from ATA, used in the PBS American Masters’ telecast “Johnny Carson: King of Late Night.”


Donation to Ron Simon at The Paley Center for Media, of a complete TV Audio Air Check of “Dick Clark’s Saturday Night Beechnut Show” (July 19, 1958), with guests Bobby Darin, Duane Eddy, George Hamilton 4th, De John Sisters, & Jack Scott.


Additional links implemented to the ATA website by Craig Powers (“Bloomberg Radio On The Weekend,” “NPR’s All Things Considered: TV Without Pictures on Lost & Found Sound,” “ARSC Phil Gries recorded presentations – 2009, 2010, 2011”), and thirteen additional home page collage additions implemented by Chip Gribben.


First person to person visit since 1998 with 85 year old Radio & Television audio air check recordist, archivist, George Vlasto (Kent, Connecticut). Receive the remainder of his archive containing reel to reel, cassettes, and a few 16” electronic transcription discs, circa 1956 – 1980’s.


Develop relationship with Scott Vincent Jr. His father, Scott Vincent, worked as an announcer for many years, primarily in the 1950’s and 1960’s for ABC Television. Most examples of his broadcast efforts are lost. However, many varied examples of his work survive, as TV Audio, in the Archival Television Audio, Inc. collection. Transactions of scores of these air checks are dubbed for Scott Vincent’s son and his family.


Since 2006, continue to assist author Bill Zehme with his definitive biography, “Carson The Magnificent.”


Visit home of Clarence Hall (first visit in six years…fourteenth visit since initially contacted in January 1996), transacting final existing reel to reel TV audio air checks, recorded by Louis Schrammel…adding to the ATA collection, in total, 1000 reels / 5000 broadcasts.


Protection added to the Archival Television Audio, Inc. website, “Order Inquiry” link. The addition of a CAPTCHA (spam protection) implemented on the website, when orders are placed by a client.


Rescuing a collection of TV Audio Air checks recorded by Dr. Victor Caruso (Summit, New Jersey), originally recorded during the 1950’s and 60’s (117 ¼” reel to reel audio tapes (adding 32 of them to the ATA collection)…including two peerless gems, television broadcast of the last inning of no-hitter thrown by Brooklyn Dodger pitcher, Sal Maglie (September 25, 1956), and the only known television broadcast record of an opening of a New York Giant baseball game broadcast on TV (WPIX – NY)…sign on by announcer Bob Delaney, crediting sponsor, introduction of starting line-ups, etc. Highlight Includes peerless Willie Mays last at bat as a New York Giant at the Polo Grounds (September 29, 1957).


Phone call from Hugh Downs, who solicits a copy of an edited two hour Jack Paar Tonight Show retrospective collated from the Archival Television Audio, Inc. archive…incorporating twenty two salient “lost” TV audio air check excerpts, originally broadcast (1958-1962), aired in a segment presentation on which I appeared, as a guest -“TV Confidential with Ed Robertson,” a radio broadcast.


Three way interview / conversation, with Hugh Downs, from his home in Phoenix, Arizona, Ed Robertson, from his studio in Pasadena, California, and Phil Gries from his archive studio in Sea Cliff, New York. This 75 minute Radio Broadcast presented on “TV Confidential.”


“JOE FRANKLIN TV AUDIO ARCHIVES: Rare Joe Franklin Show Recordings from Lost Television Broadcasts (1962- 1972)” produced by Rick Russo. All 39 broadcasts, interviews, and clips compiled in this 644 minute CD are from peerless original air checks recorded by Phil Gries, mostly a half century ago.


Telephone conversation with Don Pardo, first since 1998…related to his “lost” NBC bulletins regarding the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Additional audio air check donations to David Von Pein’s JFK Channel website, related to my personal original off the air ¼”reel to reel recordings of Don Pardo announcing the first TV National NBC news bulletin, November 22, 1963, of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, and subsequent “lost” 3 minutes 52 seconds of NBC TV National coverage by Bill Ryan, Chet Huntley, Frank McGee, prior to being recorded/archived by NBC on video tape.


NBC NIGHTLY NEW WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS – 50th Anniversary broadcast remembering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Opening of the broadcast begins with announcer Don Pardo’s first WNBC TV LOCAL NEW YORK bulletin. SCREEN CREDIT while bulletin plays, given to PHIL GRIES - ARCHIVAL TELEVISION AUDIO, INC.


Contribute an original Archival Television Audio, Inc. television audio air check I recorded to author Jim Manago. A “lost” Huntz Hall interview he conducted with Johnny Carson (Tonight Show – Feb 4, 1963). Transcript used in biography, “Behind Sach: The Huntz Hall Story.”


Purchase Tascam cc-222SLMKII CD/AUDIO CASSETTE RECORDER, allowing previous analog master tapes in the ATA collection to be qualitatively dubbed to CD (on request) for any client who does not have analog playback equipment.


Receive from Jane Klain (Paley Center for Media) TV Index Ross Reports – Sept. 1980 – 1982…adding to the Archival Television Audio, Inc. reference library volume 32 and 33, now covering entire span of access index material (13,986 pages), related to researching current 20,000 ATA archived TV audio air checks (late 1940’s thru 1982).


JFK Don Pardo NBC TV “lost” bulletin as played on NBC NIGHTLY NEWS with BRIAN WILLIAMS, November 22, 2013 uploaded to the ATA website.


Transact with author Steve Randisi “lost” Merv Griffin Shows from 1963…research for his forthcoming biography on Merv Griffin’s entire television talk show career.


Another dinner engagement, with Joe Franklin and Rick Russo…a once-a-year tradition in New York City.


Phil Gries SIXTH Presentation at ARSC 48TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, CHAPEL HILL, NC – May 14-17. Subject: “Lost CBS Television Broadcasts recorded on discovered 130 Gray Audograph Discs (Sept. 1-7, 1957…a complete week of broadcasting).


Thru Kevin Butler give to Sonny Fox peerless WONDERAMA (June 27, 1963) TV Audio Air Check (guest Boris Karloff). Most of all of this series is lost (1959-1967).


Transaction of two peerless audio air checks for PBS Special Documentary, “Freedom Summer: American Experience.”


Send to Jerry Lewis (88 years old) oldest surviving known interview he and Dean Martin gave together, on Radio or TV (May 9, 1949 – Tex & Jinx Show).


Donate to Ron Simon (Paley Center for Media) third re-run of THE HONEYMOONERS – October 8, 1957. These first reruns of the iconic 39 Dumont shows were first syndicated on WRCA Channel 4 in New York. Announcer was Don Pardo. Only known “HONEYMOONERS” opening announced by Pardo.


Sale to Florentine Films, Archival Television Audio, Inc. audio air checks, for the projected Ken Burns documentary on the life of Jackie Robinson.


Send to Nathan Georgitis, executive director for ARSC Association for Recorded Sound Collections, my personal self - recorded ARSC May 15, 2014 presentation ("Lost CBS Television Broadcasts recorded on recently discovered 135 Gray Audograph Discs - Sept. 1 thru 7, 1957, containing complete sign on, sign off, day / evening, air checks), to be added to the ARSC website. This conference was held in Chapel Hill North Carolina. The recording of my presentation was ironically NOT recorded by the hired ARSC recordist due to technical problems - one of only three non-preserved ARSC referenced presentations, representing the hundreds of ARSC presenters, archived the past 47 years. Ironic that ATA would have to provide a lost audio recording to fill one of their own lost presentations of yours truly, Phil Gries. All five Gries ARSC presentations can be heard on the ATA website.


Joe Franklin passes away only weeks after having our fourth annual get-together holiday dinner. We are joined by Joe's archivist, and dear friend, Rick Russo. Like the demolition of Ebbets field or Penn Station, Joe Franklin's death, January 24th 2016, took a little piece of New York with it. I feel grateful to have known Joe Franklin personally since 1994, having been a big fan and having watched him on television and would personally audio tape record his shows in the 1950's and 1960's.


ATA contribution of audio to the PBS Special, "The Day the 60's Dies: The Kent State Shooting" which premieres April 28, 2015.


ARSC - IASA 2001 Conference, held at the British Library in London England, uploaded to new ATA website link containing streaming audio of September 25, 2001 presentation by Phil Gries. The subject: "Why Collect TV Audio?)


Uploaded to the ATA website, an "All Things Considered" segment of the 50th Anniversary of the Ali vs Liston 1965 heavyweight championship fight. This presentation aired on NPR Radio, May 22, 2015. The eight minute retrospective segment includes Archival Television Audio peerless air checks.


Phil Gries, guest on Radio Station WLIE 540 am live broadcast addition of "Sports Talk," with hosts Mark Rosenman & AJ Carter. Discussion about Ralph Kiner's "Kiner's Korner," recounting lost early 1960's pre & post game Mets interview show. Archival Television Audio sound clips, most going back over half a century, are heard and integrated into the show's retrospective.


Five part presentation retrospective on JOEY BISHOP with host ED ROBERTSON on syndicated radio broadcast TV CONFIDENTIAL. This "SOUNDS OF LOST TELEVSION" addition (an ongoing reoccurring segment of the series since 2011) totals over three and half hours long with scores of rare audio clips integrated into these programs. This five part presentation has been edited onto one tape (all five parts integrated), and can be heard on the ATA website ("TV Confidential" link).


Jose Felicano is presented with an audio air check of his first TV variety show appearance ("Al Hirt Fanfare Show - July 17, 1965). While Jose is listening to the air check for the first time in 50 years he is video-taped by his brother Jorge. Jose's reaction is priceless (uploaded to a link on the Archival Television Audio, Inc. website).


New biography book released by Mark Rosenman and Howie Karpin called "DOWN ON THE KORNER." The subject is the beloved post-game hosted by the late and beloved NY Mets announcer, Ralph KIner. The WOR TV archive of existing "KINER'S KORNER" programs is minimal. Only a few air checks are known to exist dating back to the 1960's and 1970's. Audio recordings from those decades are provided by Phil Gries' Archival Television Audio, Inc. collection, which have been transcribed in the book.


Archival Television Audio is a contributor to Ken Burns' PBS release of Florentine Films' two-part definitive documentary, "JACKIE ROBINSON." See testimonial on ATA website link.


Phil Gries attends 50th Annual ARSC Conference in Bloomington Indiana. Opportunity to also visit with friends and fellow archivists, John Miley, Doak Ewing - Rod Miller, and renown author, Bill Zehme.


Three hour visit by NEWSDAY journalist, Neil Best, and still/video photographer on June 22, 2016, consumating in a two page profile of Phil Gries' Archival Television Audio, Inc., appearing in Sundays, June 26th edition Sports Section - profiling and highlighting, specifically, the sports portion of the archive. Video of the interview can be viewed on a link on the ATA websie.


Phil Gries appears as guest on another addition of "SPORTS TALK," live radio program, June 26th (WLIE 540am) with hosts Mark Rosenman, and AJ Carter. Discussion focuses on the legendary Jackie Robinson. Seven related Robinson audio air checks from the ATA collection are integrated into the one hour broadcast. Available for listening on the ATA website.


EBAY acquisition of peerless Jack Paar TONIGHT SHOW air checks, comprising 17 different complete and excerpt broadcasts totaling 17 plus hours of material, circa 1957-1959. Highlight shows include first and second anniversary shows from Cuba and New York. ATA know for archiving the most Jack Paar Tonight shows (TV audio air checks) in the country.


Donation to Ron Simon and The Paley Center for Media (New York) a complete audio air check (86 minutes) of THE JACK PAAR TONIGHT SHOW second anniversary broadcast (July 29, 1959).


ATA webmaster Craig Powers updates many application features contained in the Archival Television Audio, Inc. website, including adding new links, making the website more accessible on all mobile smartphone devices and implementation of a Data Entry Link allowing for adding new titles without the need to use the ATA control panel.


Chip Gribben adds 65 additional photographs to the already existing collage of photo personalities on the ATA website Home Page, updating the total to 120 photos of personalities where a visitor to the website can immediately search for all entries pertaining to a specific collage photo.


At the end of year 2016, over 330,000 CURRENT VISTORS to the Archival Television Audio, Inc. website which was first created by Phil Gries for the implementation of a website in August, 2002.



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UNIQUE in the WORLD audio air check recordings by 20-year-old Phil Gries, archiving the first, second bulletins & initial NBC TV broadcast coverage of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. Not recorded by NBC or any other resource in the country.

  1. A&E TV SPECIAL - host Edwin Newman (11-22-1988) introduction - 25th Anniversary of JFK Assassination.
  2. NBC TV "Lost Don Pardo Bulletins" & Lost first 3:53 TV coverage (Phil Gries unique broadcast audio recording) unable to be video tape recorded or audio tape recorded by NBC.
  3. Phil Gries telephone interview with Don Pardo (5-14-1998).
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Jose Feliciano, at 70, listening to his FIRST TV variety show appearance (Al Hirt: FANFARE), telecast on July 17, 1965, when he was 19 years old.

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NBC TV - Feb. 5, 1957
8:23 min. excerpt

Phil Gries TV Audio Archive
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Harry Belafonte Hosts
The Tonight Show
5:21 min. excerpt

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Joan Walsh, producer of the documentary "Harry Belafonte Hosts The Tonight Show", discusses Phil Gries' TV Audio contribution to the film. (3:51 min.)