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#10985: NEWS,THE
1950-10-24, , min.

Establishment of United Nations declared.                       
#10986: NEWS,THE
1950-10-25, , min.

Soldiers begin firing artillery shells into Chinese territory following their arrival.         
#10988: NEWS,THE
1951-03-02, , min.

Plan to kill Chief of Police fails at last minute in Panama.            
#10977A: NEWS,THE
1951-05-00, , min.

Korean war news.             
#10989: NEWS,THE
1951-07-03, , min.
Sam Snead , Walter Burkemo

Sam Snead wins his third PGA C'Ship golf title by defeating Walter Burkemo at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania.            
#10987: NEWS,THE
1952-07-27, , min.
John Mikaelsson

Swedish race walker John Mikaelsson won back-to-back gold medals in the 10K event at the Helsinki Olympics. He won the corresponding race in London in 1948.            
#10917: NEWS,THE
1952-08-11, , min.

Korean war news.             
#10915: NEWS,THE
1953-05-11, , min.
Andrei Gromyko

The Soviet Union's Andrei Gromyko comments on the Korean war.                       
#10861: NEWS,THE
1954-09-00, , min.

The latest news and sports.             
1954-11-00, , min.
Morgan Beatty

The latest news from NBC radio news.

Host: Morgan Beatty.              
#10863: NEWS,THE
1955-10-00, , min.
Dwight Eisenhower

In January, 1955, the US Congress passed "The Formosa Resolution." It gave President Eisenhower the authority to
defend Taiwan. The United  States actively defended the Republic Of China. When the United States arranged to re-supply ROC garrisons on Jinmen and Mazu, it eased the crisis and brought it to an end.                            
#10864: NEWS,THE
1956-01-11, , min.

News of the Calderonista invasion of Costa Rica.           
#10740: NEWS,THE
1956-02-09, , min.
Dwight Eisenhower , Jonas Salk

President Eisenhower goes to hospital, news on the Dr. Jonas Salk polio vaccine.           
#13472: NEWS,THE
1960-09-11, , min.

Hurricane Donna warning reports; headed towards the Northeast. 

Included is a commercial for Playtex Girdles.                         
#19292: NEWS,THE
1963-10-26, , min.
Nikita Khrushchev

The United States performs an underground nuclear test at Fallon, Nevada. Soviet Prime Minister Khrushchev announces the Soviet Union will not get involved with the United States in the race to put the first man on the moon.                         
#19294: NEWS,THE
1963-10-27, , min.
Gordie Howe

NHL star Gordie Howe scores his 544th career goal in a 6-4 loss to the Montreal Canadians.           
#19295: NEWS,THE
1963-10-27, , min.
Program Host

The weekend report.            
#10876: NEWS,THE
1963-11-02, , min.
Ngo Dinh Diem , John Fitzgerald Kennedy , Ngo Dinh Nhu , Duong Van Minh

President John F. Kennedy learns of the deaths of South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother, Ngo Dinh Nhu in the coup led by General Duong Van Minh. Kennedy  was doubtful of CIA accounts that the two leaders had committed suicide while in custody. 
#10877: NEWS,THE
1963-11-04, , min.
John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy records his concerns concerning a military coup in South Vietnam that ousted President Diem. It was a precursor to the US-Vietnam war.                
#16991: NEWS,THE
1964-06-06, , min.
John Lennon , Paul McCartney , George Harrison , Ringo Starr

The Beatles arrive in the Netherlands.                      
#16993: NEWS,THE
1964-06-07, , min.
Beatles , Jack Ruby , Ed Sullivan , Nelson Mandela

Jack Ruby appears before the Warren Commission. Nelson Mandela begins 27 year jail term. Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show.     
#19530: NEWS,THE
1966-01-02, , min.
John Lindsay , Michael Quill

Transit strike begins in New York City. Green Bay Packers defeat Cleveland Browns 23-12 to win NFL championship game.         
#17002: NEWS,THE
1966-06-11, , min.

News and commentary.     
#17007: NEWS,THE
1966-06-14, , min.
Pope Paul VI

60 injured as Dutch police beat construction workers. The Vatican ruled reading books listed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum would no longer be a violation of church law.         
#17008: NEWS,THE
1966-06-21, , min.
Elizabeth Taylor , Richard Burton

The film adaptation of "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" Premiered at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, California.
#10796: NEWS,THE
1967-01-09, , min.
Adam Clayton powell , Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby dead. Adam Clayton Powell is excluded from his seat in the House Of Representatives amid charges of corruption.       
#10842: NEWS,THE
1967-05-31, , min.
AJ Foyt

Indianapolis 500 Auto Race: AJ Foyt wins his third Indianapolis 500 race.           
#10879: NEWS,THE
1967-06-07, , min.

In Mid-East news, Israel captures Wailing Wall in East Jerusalem, Jericho, and Bethlehem.          
#15917: NEWS,THE
1968-10-28, , min.
Richard Nixon , Hubert Humphrey

Vietnam peace efforts
Humphrey in Ohio, Nixon in New York
New York voting poll
Olympics report
West Germany news
Stock market report                        
#16038: NEWS,THE
1969-01-02, , min.
Richard Nixon , Ralph Nader

News events of the day, Doctor gives President Nixon clean bill of health, but weight needs to be watched, Viet Cong ends a three-day ceasefire, Ralph Nader is appointed to a three year term at the National Motor Vehicle Safety Council.                        
#16045: NEWS,THE
1969-01-06, , min.

News of the day,  Allegheny flight 737 crashes on its approach to Bradford, Pennsylvania, killing 11 people on board. 
#16047: NEWS,THE
1969-01-07, , min.
Robert F. Kennedy , Sirhan Sirhan

Trial begins in the case of Sirhan Sirhan for the June 5th, 1968 murder of Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Robert F. Kennedy.               
#16053: NEWS,THE
1969-01-08, , min.

News events of the day. The USS submarine San Francisco collides with an undersea mountain, South of Guam. One man is killed. 
#16086: NEWS,THE
1969-01-17, , min.
Lyndon Johnson , Eric Sevareid , Frank Reynolds

The Vietcong insists on removal of all US troops at Paris peace talks. Senators say goodbye to President Johnson, LBJ gives farewell speech, comment on LBJ by Frank Reynolds, LBJ quips, comment on LBJ by Eric Sevareid.  
#16118: NEWS,THE
1969-02-08, , min.

The Allende meteorite explodes as it enters the atmosphere over Mexico. The final edition of the Saturday Evening Post is published. 
#16152: NEWS,THE
1969-02-25, , min.
Richard Nixon , Dwight Eisenhower

Former President Dwight Eisenhower recovers from surgery to remove scar tissue from intestine, President Nixon spends third day of his European trip in London.
#16153: NEWS,THE
1969-02-26, , min.
Richard Nixon

Faulty exhaust pipes force General Motors to recall 2.5 million Chevys in the US, President Nixon flies from London to Bonn, West Germany as a stop on his European tour. 
#16160: NEWS,THE
1969-03-02, , min.
Richard Nixon

Commentary on President Nixon's  European trip.      
#16169: NEWS,THE
1969-03-04, , min.
James McDivitt

The Apollo 9 astronauts second day in orbit, border clash between China and USSR.      
#10887: NEWS,THE
1969-03-14, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon approves modified anti-ballistic missile system to safeguard weapons, not cities.          
#16177: NEWS,THE
1969-03-27, , min.
Dwight Eisenhower

Former President Dwight Eisenhower resting comfortably, all volunteer army is being studied.        
#16186: NEWS,THE
1969-04-04, , min.
Martin Luther King

First anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's death. First anniversary tributes in various US cities.         
#16193: NEWS,THE
1969-04-08, , min.
Haskell Karp

Heart transplant patient Haskell Karp has died. Unemployment rate rose to 34% in March according to the Labor Department.      
#16194: NEWS,THE
1969-04-09, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon tries to gain confidence of the black community.
He sends Director of Emergency Preparedness to Midwest concerning the Spring floods.     
#16195: NEWS,THE
1969-04-10, , min.
Charles DeGaulle

French President Charles DeGaulle threatens resignation if voters don't approve his referendum. 200 students arrested in Harvard University rioting. 
#16200: NEWS,THE
1969-04-14, , min.
Richard Nixon , Sirhan Sirhan

Sirhan Sirhan trial goes to the jury. An increase to Social Security. President Nixon asks for a billion dollars to fight crime.
#16203: NEWS,THE
1969-04-24, , min.
Richard Nixon

United States tells Hanoi they are ready to begin political and military peace talks, President Nixon asks for postal rate hikes.
#16205: NEWS,THE
1969-04-25, , min.
Charles DeGaulle

Ranking Democrats urge party reform, President DeGaulle makes television appearance urging voters to accept his referendum.       
#16207: NEWS,THE
1969-04-26, , min.

The play "George M" closes at the Palace Theatre in New York City after 435 performances. "Celebration" closes at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City after 110 performances.    
#16211: NEWS,THE
1969-04-27, , min.
Charles DeGaulle

Charles DeGaulle resigns after his referendum for constitutional reform is defeated. 
1123 Results found for NEWS,THE
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