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#13005: WHAT'S MY LINE?
1956-10-07, WCBS, 9 min.
Phil Rizzuto, John Daly, Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf

Former Yankee shortstop Phil Rizzuto joins Bennett Cerf, Dorothy Kilgallen, and Arlene Francis, on the panel. John Daly is the host.                                       
#13066: WHAT'S MY LINE?
1956-11-04, WCBS, 5 min.
John Daly, Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, John Cameron Swayze

February 2nd, 1950-September 3rd, 1967 (CBS)
1968-1975- Syndicated

Television's longest-running primetime game show. The panelists would try and guess the occupation of the contestant. Cards would be flipped worth $5.00 each. If the panel could not guess the contestant's line of walk after $50.00 was reached, the contestant would be declared the winner. The final contestant would always be a mystery guest who was known to the public, with the panel wearing blindfolds. Some of the panelists over the years included Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen, and Fred Allen. John Daly was the show's host for its entire seventeen-year network run. The show's final episode aired on Sunday, September 3rd, 1967 with host John Daly appearing as the mystery guest. The show returned in syndication with the same format in 1968 with Wally Bruner as the host. He was replaced by Larry Blyden in 1972. Blyden remained the host until 1975 when the show ceased production. Blyden died in 1975 after suffering injuries from a car accident.

The guest is John Cameron Swayze. John Daly is the host. 

Five-minute excerpt.                                                                            
#13400: WHAT'S MY LINE?
1959-11-16, CBS, 2 min.
John Daly, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Dorothy Kilgallan

The show's opening only. 

Host: John Daly.                                                     
1960-10-05, NBC, 15 min.
Jack Paar, Hugh Downs, Jonathan Winters, Arlene Francis, George Kirby

July 29, 1957- March 30,1962. 

For four years and eight months, Jack Paar reigned supreme as host of the Tonight Show with a crew of regulars, but only two stayed with him for the entire run; announcer Hugh Downs and band leader Jose Melies, a former army buddy. Familiar faces who appeared many times with Jack included Dody Goodman, Betty Johnson, Elsa Maxwell, Alexander King, Genevieve, Jack Douglas; and wife Reiko, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hans Conried, Peggy Cass, Cliff (Charley Weaver) Arquette, and Johnathan Winters. Hugh Downs substituted for Jack Paar 79 times, more than any other substitute host there were 20 different performers over the period of the series run. Joey Bishop substituted for Paar 31 times. Arlene Francis, 30 times, Jonathan Winters, 26 times, Orson Bean, 21 times, and Johnny Carson 15 times. Altogether there were 243 broadcasts that had substitute hosts filling in for Paar during Jack Paar's TONIGHT SHOW tenure. The title of the late-night broadcast changed to THE JACK PAAR SHOW which took effect on February 3, 1958. The first videotaped broadcast aired on January 5, 1959. "Best of Paar " Re-runs began on July 10, 1959. The first color broadcast aired on September 19, news bulletin on the "Explorer I"  satellite, launched today. 

Jack's guest is Jonathan Winters, who appears, briefly.  
Jack Paar mentions that during last evenings show Victor Borge told a joke about a plane crash that was not know by anyone until the 11 O'clock News. Paar says that he against that type of subject as humor. On the show Jack Paar, Jonathan Winters, Hugh Downs, Arlene Francis and George Kirby discuss the subject of "During the History  of the World, War is Inevitable."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
1961-04-14, WNBC, 52 min.
Arlene Francis, The Chad Mitchell Trio, Donald Voorhees, Harve Presnell, Brian Davies, The Earl Twins, Ron Husmann, Jaime Laredo, Patricia McBride, Lauri Peters, Eileen Rodgers, Paula Stewart, Edward Villella, The Metropolitan Opera Auditions Winner

January 12, 1959-April 26, 1968. This musical series ran semiregularly for almost ten seasons-sometimes weekly, sometimes biweekly, and sometimes as irregularly scheduled specials. All types of music were presented on the hour series; Donald Voorhees conducted the Bell Telephone Orchestra.
1962-04-15, WCBS, 4 min.
John Daly, Casey Stengel, Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Tony Randall, Bennett Cerf

Mystery guest Casey Stengel, who had managed the New York Mets first baseball game five days ago, talks baseball with panelists Bennett Cerf, Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Tony Randall and John Daly.
1962-05-22, NBC, min.
David Brinkley, Don Knotts, Jimmy Durante, Jack Webb, Carol Burnett, Rod Serling, Garry Moore, Richard Rodgers, Peter Falk, Johnny Carson, Arlene Francis, Bob Newhart, Warren Magnuson, Myrna Loy, Carl Reiner, Shirley Booth, Walter Brennan, Fred Astaire, Barbara Stanwyck, Dave Garroway, Loretta Young, Lady Bird Johnson, Eartha Kitt, Nanette Fabray, Lucille Ball, Julie Harris, Pierre Salinger, Newton Minow, Cyril Richard, EG Marshall, Nat Hiken, David Sarnoff, Leroy Collins, William O. Douglas

The 14th primetime Emmy Awards are held at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angelos, California. Among the personalities present are Leroy Collins, who served as the 33rd Governor of the state of Florida, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, and Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson. 

Host: Bob Newhart                                                    
#14126: NEWS, THE
1963-05-26, , min.
Arlene Francis, James Meredith, Adam Clayton Powell, Robert Kennedy, Pope John 23

Topics: Pope John the 23rd is ill with a stomach disorder, possibly cancer, James Meredith tells of decisions to enroll at Mississippi University, Kennedy influence, RFK to discuss desegregation in a movie theatre, Adam Clayton Powell comments on segregation in Alabama, Arlene Francis is in a car accident Emmy Awards results.                         
1965-02-14, WCBS, 26 min.
Steve Allen, John Daly, Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Gloria Swanson, Martin Gabel, Bennett Cerf, Jayne Meadows, Phyllis Cerf, Richard Kollmar, Johnny Olsen

Steve Allen, a former "What's My Line" panelist (1/11/53 clip is shown), returns to help Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, and host John Daly celebrate the show's 15th Anniversary. Gloria Swanson is this evening's Mystery Guest. Also appearing on this 751st consecutive broadcast are Martin Gabel, Jayne Meadows, Phyllis Cerf and Richard Kollmar. Johnny Olsen is the announcer.
#9865: WHAT'S MY LINE?
1971-03-30, SYN, 30 min.
Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Soupy Sales, Wally Bruner

Host: Wally Bruner.           
#9866: WHAT'S MY LINE?
1971-04-13, SYN, 30 min.
Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Soupy Sales, Wally Bruner

Host: Wally Bruner.                        
#9867: WHAT'S MY LINE?
1971-04-14, SYN, 30 min.
Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Soupy Sales, Wally Bruner

Host: Wally Bruner.                                     
1972-03-22, NBC, 90 min.
James Stewart, Arlene Francis, Helen Hayes

The story of Elwood P. Dowd. A devotee of spirits (medicinal and otherwise) and his friend and companion Harvey, an invisible six-foot-tall white rabbit who causes Elwood's family much trouble.                         
1974-05-28, NBC, 90 min.
Dinah Shore, Arlene Francis, Mary Fickett, Barbara Walters, Bill Hayes, Jack Gilford, Soupy Sales, Geoff Edwards, Peter Marshall, Dennis James, Rodney Allen Rippy, Cathleen Nesbitt, Mary Stuart, Elizabeth Hubbard, Pat OBrien, Al Freeman, Jr.

The first separate Emmy Awards show honoring daytime programs is telecast live from New York's Rockefeller Center. Barbara Walters and Peter Marshall are the hosts. A listing of the major nominees follows.
Actor of the Year: Macdonald Carey, "Days of Our Lives"; Pat O'Brien, "Other Woman"
Actress of the Year: Elizabeth Hubbard, "The Doctors"; Cathleen Nesbitt, "The Mask of Love"
Host/Hostess of the Year: Peter Marshall, "Hollywood Squares"; Dinah Shore, "Dinah's Place"
Drama Series: "Days of Our Lives"; "The Doctors"; "General Hospital"
Drama Special: "The Other Woman"; "A Special Act of Love"; "Tiger on a Chain" Bill Hayes and Mary Stuart entertain on the program. The special program features the first Daytime Emmy Awards presentation, broadcast live from New York's Rockefeller Center. Performers include Mary Stuart and Bill Hayes. Presenters include Ann Flood, Forrest Compton, Arlene Francis, Jacqueline Courtney, Larry Keith, Soupy Sales, Rodney Allen Rippy, Mary Fickett, Ellen Holly, Al Freeman, Jr., Geoff Edwards, Dennis James, Henderson Forsythe, Rosemary Prinz, Susan Seaforth, Bill Hayes, and Jack Gilford. Award winners for achievements in daytime programming include: "The Merv Griffin Show," outstanding talk series (award accepted by Dick Carson); "Password," outstanding game show (award accepted by Mark Goodson); Peter Marshall, outstanding game show host (Hollywood Squares); "Zoom," outstanding entertainment children's series (award accepted by Jim Crum and Christopher Sarson); ABC Afterschool Special: "Rookie of the Year," outstanding entertainment children's special (award accepted by Dan Wilson); Lila Garrett and Sandy Krinsky (not present), outstanding writer ("ABC Afternoon Playbreak: Mother of the Bride"); H. Wesley Kenney, outstanding director ("ABC Afternoon Playbreak: Miss Kline, We Love You"); and ABC Matinee Today: "The Other Woman," outstanding daytime drama special (award accepted by John Conboy). Award winners not in attendance include the following: Cathleen Nesbit, outstanding actress ("ABC Matinee Today: The Mask of Love") (award accepted by Glynis Johns); and Pat O'Brien, outstanding actor ("ABC Matinee Today: The Other Woman") (award accepted by John Conboy). Included are appearances by Garry Moore and John Cannon, vice chairman of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Winners announced but not presented with awards for outstanding achievements in daytime programming include the following: Richard Clements, outstanding musical direction ("ABC Afternoon Playbreak: A Special Act of Love"); Tom Trimble and Brock Broughton ("The Young and the Restless") and Otis Riggs, Jr. ("Another World"), art direction or scenic design; Bill Jobe, outstanding costume design ("ABC Matinee Today: The Mask of Love"); Douglas D. Kelley, make-up, ("ABC Matinee Today: The Mask of Love"); Lou Marchand, Gerald M. Dowd, Frank Melchiorre, John Morris, and John Cordone, technical direction and electronic camerawork ("One Life to Live"); Richard Holbrook, lighting direction ("The Young and the Restless"); Ernest Dellutri, sound mixing ("Days of Our Lives"); and Gary Anderson, editing ("ABC Afternoon Playbreak: Miss Kline, We Love You"). The program concludes with a performance by Peter Marshall; appearances by Dennis James and Fickett; and Gilford's presentation of an award to "The Doctors," for outstanding drama series (award accepted by Joseph Stuart).
1975-05-28, WABC, 60 min.
John Daly, Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Mark Goodson, Bennett Cerf

John Daly, Arlene Francis and Mark Goodson host this tribute on : "What's My Line's 25th Anniversary." A nostalgic retrospect with scores of celebrity guests from the past, via kinescope and videotape, including longtime panelists Dorothy Kilgallen and Bennett Cerf.
#8671: MATCH GAME '76
1976-02-20, SYN, 30 min.
Joey Bishop, Arlene Francis, Gene Rayburn, Richard Dawson, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly

December 31, 1962-September 20, 1969 (NBC); July 2, 1973-April 20, 1979 (CBS); 1975-1981 (SYNDICATED). Host: Gene Rayburn. 


#8669: MATCH GAME '76
1976-02-24, SYN, 30 min.
Joey Bishop, Arlene Francis, Gene Rayburn, Richard Dawson, Brett Somers, Joyce Bulifant, Charles Nelson Reilly

December 31, 1962-September 20, 1969 (NBC); July 2, 1973-April 20, 1979 (CBS); 1975-1981 (SYNDICATED). Host: Gene Rayburn. 


17 Results found for Arlene Francis
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