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1961-04-14, CBS, min.
Edwin Walker, Prescott Robinson, Adolf Eichmann, Elijah Muhammad

Highlights: Deputy Director on the proposed "crash program" to put a man on the moon, Eichmann trial, Eichmann's personality described, General Edwin Walker, denies John Birch Society indoctrination of troops, Elijah Muhammad denies Black Muslims preach black supremacy.                          
1963-06-09, WCBS, 30 min.
Dwight Eisenhower, Malcolm X, Lou Adler, Elijah Muhammad, Charles Portis, Ralph Bunche, Adam Clayton Powell, Joseph Dembo, Ross Burnett

LET'S FIND OUT was a weekly WCBS Radio  interview broadcast, featuring a prominent personality in the Metropolitan area. It aired on Sunday afternoon from 12:30m to 1:00pm. 

Hosted by Joe Dembo, WCBS Director of News and Public Affairs. 

On the panel this week,asking questions of guest Malcolm X, are Lou Adler, WCBS Radio Newsman, and Charles Portis of the New York Herold Tribune Newspaper.  

Topics covered include:
Civil Rights legislations, Muslim philosophy, today's objectives by Malcolm X in a white society, The meaning of "Wake Up," "Clean Up," and "Stand Up." philosophy behind the concept of creating a "Separate Geographic State," The difference between the Muslim movement from other black movements, accomplishments of the Muslim movement to date, the wake up of the so called Negro in today's society, separation of the races, hate and violence in white society today. 

Malcolm X gives his views related to Ralph Bunche, Adam Clayton Powell and Ross Barnett. He discusses at length about the teachings of the honorable Elijah Muhammad.  

News radio pioneer, Joseph Dembo, transformed NYC's WCBS into a successful all-news broadcaster. Dembo was picked by CBS chairman William Paley in 1967 to convert  an also-ran flagship radio station to a fledgling all-news format as Vice President and General Manager. 
Joseph Dembo assembled a team that included anchors Charles Osgood, Lou Adler, Steve Porter, Jim Harriot and Robert Vaughn, street reporters Ed Bradley and Steve Flanders and sportscaster Pat Summerall. He also hired a future president of CBS News, Ed Joyce, to be his news director.
1964-03-12, , 3 min.
Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad

Within a News Broadcast, an interview with Malcolm X.  

"Two Days ago, Malcolm X, right hand man to Black Muslim chieftain Elijah Muhammad, resigned from that black supremacist sect.   
Today, Malcolm X called a news conference and he told a jammed house that he was forming his own Muslim Mosque in New York City."

"Much of what Malcolm X said he said before while still cure apparent to Elijah Muhammad. He added a few new touches making it clear we will be hearing a great deal from this tall literate man who believes that the white race is doomed. For example, Malcolm X urged Negroes to form gun clubs."

We hear Malcolm X, in a sit down interview, discuss his policy and philosophical views. 

Questions by interviewer  answered by Malcolm X:

- Why is it necessary to own guns for self defense?
-The possibility of riots and civil war developing in America.
-The proposition of advocating or not advocating violence.
-Why working with Civil Rights groups will eliminate suffering in the US by Negroes.
-Opinion related to old line civil rights leaders.
-Goals of his current political activities.
-Why he left Elijah Muhammad.

1964-12-02, WABC, 13 min.
Les Crane, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad

  Les Crane's guests is Malcolm X.

Topics discussed include the Black Muslim movement, the religion of Islam, what caused the split in the Black Muslim movement, Malcolm X's allegiance to Elijah Muhammad and change of thinking after a trip to Africa, in April 1965, Islam, a religion of brotherhood, personal views of kept to himself, a critic of Elijah Muhammad, respecting USA government and Law only if it respects all races, the international human rights issue that is imperative to for all citizens of the USA to be treated equal.

NOTE: Some audio variation (hum) but very discernible and rare.                                     
1964-12-02, WABC, 14 min.
Les Crane, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad

  Les Crane's guest is Malcolm X.(Chairman of the organization of Afro-American Unity). 

Topics discussed include the Black Muslim movement, the religion of Islam, what caused the split in the Black Muslim movement, Malcolm X's allegiance to Elijah Muhammad and change of thinking after a trip to Africa, in April 1965, Islam, a religion of brotherhood, personal views of kept to himself, a critic of Elijah Muhammad, respecting USA government and Law only if it respects all races, the international human rights issue that is imperative for all citizens of the USA to be treated equal.

Duplicate of number SS1.                                                             
1964-12-02, WABC, min.
Les Crane, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Martin Luther King, Roy Wilkens

  Les Crane's guest is Malcolm X.(Chairman of the organization of Afro-American Unity). 

Topics discussed include the Black Muslim movement, the religion of Islam, what caused the split in the Black Muslim movement, Malcolm X's allegiance to Elijah Muhammad and change of thinking after a trip to Africa, in April 1965, Islam, a religion of brotherhood, personal views of kept to himself, a critic of Elijah Muhammad, respecting USA government and Law only if it respects all races, the international human rights issue that is imperative for all citizens of the USA to be treated equal.

Continuation from 10608. Dialogue between Les Crane and Malcolm X.

Les Crane: "My next guest is Mr. Malcolm X, ladies and gentlemen."  
Les Crane: "Fine. This interview is going go be a little difficult for me to do because I know Malcolm. We have done shows together before. He has been a guest of mine on a couple of different occasions. We have had telephone conversations of length and of interest. And there is, so to get the story, I am going to make believe we have never met. OK?"
Malcolm X: "This is probably the best way."
Les Crane: "OK Let's just, let's just start from the beginning.
First of all, what is the Black Muslim Movement?" 

Other topics include:

Mohammedan Religion, Muslim affiliation, Islam Religion, Elijah Muhammad, Mecca, American Negro, Integration, Brotherhood among all people, Martin Luther King, Roy Wilkins, Mississippi, protecting oneself, Black African State, The United Nations. 

1965-02-02, WPIX, 21 min.
David Susskind, Joyce Davidson, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, John Henry Faulk, Ossie Davis

October 6th, 1964-March 2, 1965 (WPIX)

A ninety-minute pilot program for a future short-lived phone-in discussion program seen on local WPIX-TV Channel 11 in New York City.

Guest Malcolm X answers questions about his new movement vs. Elijah Muhammad. Other guests are Ossie Davis and John Henry Faulk. 

Host: David Susskind.

Numerous phone calls from the viewing public to the studio in this live TV broadcast asking questions of the panel related to current challenges faced by blacks and racism. .

Host: David Susskind. The producer of the program is Joyce Davidson. She married Susskind in 1966.   

       NOTE: Joyce Davidson, with whom David Susskind was in a relationship, began working as a co-producer of Hotline in June 1964. She had a hand in the on-air version of the show and among other duties screened viewer phone calls. She also made the first approach to some of the people who appeared as guests on Hotline, including Malcolm X, whom she invited for Hotline immediately after he gave a speech at The Town Hall. 
Nineteen days after appearing on this live program Malcolm X would be assassinated on February 21, 1965.                                                                                                                                                          
#14763: NEWS, THE
1965-02-21, WMCA, 14 min.
Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Elijah Muhammad

Live coverage of the assassination of Malcolm X at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City. Radio Coverage by Mutual, WMCA, and NBC. Elijah Muhammad and Muhammad Ali are threatened. The firebombing of a Mosque number 7-A of Elijah Muhammad's Nation of Islam (NOI), in Harlem, headed by Malcolm X before his break with the NOI in March of 1964. It was the most powerful NOI mosque in the United States.                          
1965-12-23, WVON, min.
Elijah Muhammad, Wesley South

A talk/interview program heard on WVON radio in Berwyn, Illinois.

Guest: Elijah Muhammad. 

Host: Wesley South.           
1969-06-20, NBC, 35 min.
Johnny Carson, Woody Allen, Otto Preminger, Ed McMahon, Muhammad Ali, Doc Severinsen, Joe Frazier, Jerry Quarry, Elijah Muhammad, Judith Crist, Malcolm X

Broadcast History: Oct. 1, 1962 - May 22, 1992

Woody Allen is the substitute host for this broadcast.
He is introduced by announcer Ed McMahon. We hear Woody Allen's complete monologue which includes his mention of his first feature Take the Money and Run to open soon in Manhattan.

Woody Allen's  first guest is Muhammad Ali who discusses the upcoming Heavyweight Championship fight between Joe Frazier and Jerry Quarry. Woody asks if Muhammad would like to fight them.  Ali admits to Allen that he doesn't miss boxing and that he is currently 20 pounds overweight. He states that he doesn't have the urge to return to the ring. 
Presently he is facing a possible five year prison term if convicted for refusing to be conscripted and tells his reasons for such decision. Muhammad relates to Woody about the many college tours (116) he currently does and states his love of doing them.
Other topics include Ali's one year expulsion from his Islamic faith by the honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the reasons why expulsion has happened, as it has also occurred to others including Malcolm X.  Woody and Muhammad show a great camaraderie for one another. 

Otto Preminger kids around with Woody Allen and invites him to appear in his next film. Preminger loves Woody's play which just opened (Play it Again Sam). Preminger mentions that as an actor he was typecast as a Nazi and made five films playing a Nazi. 

Film critic Judith Crist discusses the new rating system as all join in with their own opinions. 

NOTE: A lost broadcast not know to exist in any broadcasts form or transcript. When originally broadcast the  signal reflected a slight audible interference which is however quite faint but minimally present.   

Johnny Carson, host of NBC's network late-night "Tonight Show" reigned for 30 unprecedented years...five times the combined tenure of Steve Allen, and Jack Paar. Carson was impervious to competition, including efforts to dethrone him by Les Crane, Joey Bishop, Merv Griffin, Dick Cavett, Jack Paar, Pat Sajak, Joan Rivers, and Arsenio Hall. Sadly, very few complete "Tonight Show" broadcasts survive during Johnny Carson's first ten years of broadcasting. Around 1965, through the early 1970's, oldest tapes were first erased systematically by orders from myopic NBC executives, to be recycled for purposes of saving money. Ironically, in many cases, these older master tapes were too brittle, and portended probable dropouts for re-use after being erased. Subsequently blank after being erased, these older questionable master 2" Quad tapes were either sparingly used or never used again for recording new programming and eventually were discarded. Saving thousands of dollars at the time (wiping master tapes for potential re-use) resulted in losing millions of dollars by NBC in today's marketplace, and more importantly wiping thousands of historic TONIGHT SHOW broadcasts, which contain precious personal anecdotes from political, show business, and sports icons of the past.


           - October 1, 1962 – September 29, 1972 -
  Analysis, collation, and complete listing of surviving episodes
      Encompassing the first 10 years of NBC TV broadcasting

                             ………………RESEARCH REPORT……………………….
                   by Phil Gries - (Archival Television Audio, Inc.)
                                       ( – March 11, 2012

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON, aired on NBC Television from October 1, 1962, to May 22, 1992. Approximately, 4,531 episodes were broadcast according to reference sources.
This research report attempts to detail, specifically, those surviving complete and excerpt episodes which currently exist, as archived by THE CARSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, representing the first ten years of surviving programming as notated on its on-line inventory site… primarily representing broadcasts which aired from New York City, from Oct. 1, 1962, until May 1, 1972, at which time the show was aired from Burbank, California for the duration of its 30 year run.

During this first ten-year broadcast time period only 276 individual shows survive (represented by 243 excerpts and only 33 complete shows, of which only 12 of these COMPLETE broadcasts reflect and represent the 1960’s).  The majority of all additional TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON broadcasts, televised during this first ten-year period, have been sadly erased, destroyed, lost, misplaced, during an era when archiving television was not a visionary.

The average excerpt time length representing each of the surviving 243 episodes equals approximately 13 minutes of extant programming. Excerpts range mostly from 5 minutes to 20 minutes in length. It is unfortunate that so much original programming representing the first TEN YEARS of broadcasting related to THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON was not saved by NBC network personnel who failed to realize the value and historic significance of these telecasts. 

Representing this ten year time period are 7,130 minutes of broadcast time which approximates a total of only 119 surviving hours. One could view ALL surviving material in less than five days!

The breakdown representing complete shows are as follows:

There exists NO complete one hour & 45-minute broadcasts (11:15pm-1:00am)-October 1, 1962 – December 30, 1966. 
Only three complete broadcasts, December 31, 1963, Oct. 3, 1965, with substitute host Joey Bishop, & December 31, 1965, sans the first 15-minute local lead in, survive, spanning the time period October 1, 1962, thru June 18, 1968.

 NO 11:15pm to 11:30pm segments survive representing Johnny Carson’s initial lead in monologue telecast to all local affiliates, nor those first 15-minute segments representing Ed McMahon and Skitch Henderson, who relieved Johnny Carson of that assignment, beginning February 19, 1965. 
 At 11:15 pm local stations had the option to broadcast the TS or present local programming (usually expanded news).  When Carson opted not to come on until the full network went online at the 11:30pm time McMahon and Henderson did what in essence was a 15-minute warm-up, lead-in to Johnny Carson’s entrance at 11:30pm.

A total of 5 complete episodes survives from 1968…
4 complete episodes from 1969…1 complete episode from 1970…4 complete episodes from 1971 and 15 complete episodes from 1972 representing the time period, February 18 to September 29, finalizing the first ten years of broadcasts.

When Johnny Carson moved his Tonight Show to Burbank (May 1, 1972) archiving THE TONIGHT SHOW became more of a focus and dictum by Johnny and production staff, as is evidenced in 1972 when scores of complete shows were saved. By 1973 and most decidedly from 1974 through Carson’s final show, May 22, 1992…almost all TONIGHT SHOW STARRING                                                                  JOHNNY CARSON broadcasts were saved and archived and not indiscriminately erased to economize, taping over previously recorded programs which was a common practice.

The earliest COLOR episode archived in the CARSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP collection is from August 18, 1964. There are four color episodes archived from 1965…two from 1966…two from 1967 (one of the two excerpts, 12/8/67, in color, has NO AUDIO)…five from 1968…eleven from 1969, at which time MOST programming SAVED were saved as color 2” Quads or 16mm color kinescopes . The LAST saved episode in Black & White is dated in the CEG online index as September 13, 1971 (13-minute excerpt with Buddy Hackett). 

With few exceptions, all air dates as notated by the CARSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP website are egregiously inaccurate, as notated here based on 2010 information. Some  blatant  errors are obvious. Judy Garland is listed as a guest in an entry dated October 12, 1969. Garland passed away June 22, 1969. There are hundreds of other inaccurate air dates listed (a correct air date is the exception) which need to be researched and corrected for it undermines the scholarly, arduous and prestigious accomplishment of such a praiseworthy peerless research source.  Reference resources available to accurately and definitively do such corrections exist as evidenced in my own reference library which include Tonight Show NBC INDEX CARD FILES, ROSS REPORTS TELEVISION INDEX, and NY METROPOLITAN TV GUIDES. 

Also, inaccurately listed, are air dates which contain not one but a multitude of excerpts each representing a multitude of different programs, combined together…giving the impression that all segments pertain to one show when in essence we are scrutinizing a compilation of programs, representing a dozen shows. 
Those brief excerpt segments which do survive from the first five years of Tonight Shows (1962-1967), seem, to this archivist/researcher, to be personal request copies by performers who made arrangement to have just their own segment kinescoped, or video taped. These truncated brief excerpts, which include, from time to time Carson at his desk, live commercial spots, station ID, segues, etc., read like a who’s who of “unknown/forgotten” entertainers. Most of these TS guests are lesser named celebrities or non-show business individuals.
The premiere show, October 1, 1962, survives as an AUDIO excerpt, as confirmed by Johnny Carson on a Tonight Show broadcast, September 14, 1987 which exists in this collection.
Other resources which maintain archive broadcasts representing the TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON include THE PALEY CENTER for MEDIA (2,489 items…99% of their                                                                         archive represents post September 1972 programs). Pre-1972 saved broadcasts represent only five entries. THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS have only a few scant regular episodes with picture, but does have 416 ARMED FORCES RADIO (thirty minute excerpt recorded episodes) AUDIO ONLY discs which are one sided analog shellacs, 33 1/3 rpm; 12 inches). They represent the time period, January 1967 thru November 1968. 
The MUSEUM OF BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS have listed on their website only five archived programs, all post 1981 with one 1969 exception (12/17/69-marriage of Tiny Tim). 

The following list is a guide documenting those 276 surviving shows, representing the first 10 years of the THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON, archived by the CARSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP which has been prodigiously created and orchestrated by Jeff Sotzing and company, and implemented in its current on-line structure to the public in 2010.
I have included all notated air dates which represents each surviving 1962-1972 (thru September) TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON broadcasts, as preserved and listed on-line by the CARSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. The air dates, as collated by CEG, while mostly inaccurate, are included as a guide. The running time of each surviving excerpt and or complete show, indicated by an *, is included. On occasion I correct and indicate actual air dates (s/b) that I know off the top of my head, and I offer occasional additional pertinent information deemed interesting and relevant. Possibly, at another time a list representing the Complete Archive by the CARSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (all 30 years) can be tabulated, further scrutinized, and amended, for accuracy (especially accurate original broadcast date information), creating a more definitive listing with all current data researched, amending inaccuracies and adding omissions. 
There are approximately 3,300 hours of TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON broadcasts currently archived and existing in the collection of the CARSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. Incredibly, only 119 archived hours (first 10 years) survive. 
They are listed as follows:


1962(4 broadcasts archived – 1 hour 30 minutes survive)
Oct. 31, – 15 min. Emily Yancy (s/b -Oct. 30); Nov. 26, – 28 min. Major Ralph Gibson & Robert Bell (s/b Nov.19); Dec. 5, - 29 min. John Bubbles, Tony Martin, Fran Warren (s/b Nov. 23); Dec. 21, - 17 min. Robert McCormick (s/b Richard).

1963 (18 broadcasts archived – 1 *complete – 1 guest host - 6 hours survive)
Guest Host – Allan Sherman.
Jan. 16, – 7 min. Tommy Leonetti; March 21 – 11 min. Roger Ray; April 14 – 13 min. Francis Brunn; May 3 – 9 min. Allen & Rossi (s/b April 22); June 4 – 9 min. January Jones;  June 20 – 28 min. (Bert Parks remote at the premiere of Cleopatra. Brief interviews with Rex Harrison, Beatrice Lillie, Joan Fontaine, Red Buttons, Mary and Richard Rodgers, Roddy Mc Dowall, Leonard Bernstein, Darryl Zanuck, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Tony Randall (s/b June 12); June 24, - 29 min. Kitty Kallen; June 26, - 15 min. Mr. Hughes, Marie Jacobs; July 19, - 31 min. Lefty Gomez, Jerry Holmes, Patrice Munsel, Rona Jaffe, Milt Kamen; July 25, - 12 min. Johnny at desk; Aug. 5, - 6 min. STUMP THE BAND; Aug. 8, - 29 min. ALLAN SHERMAN GUEST HOST, with Craig Breedlove, Johnny Mercer (s/b Aug. 7); Sept. 10, - 11 min. Oriel Smith; Sept. 19, - 16 min. Johnny at his desk / spots; Oct. 21, - 12 min. yoga demonstration; Dec. 12, - 12 min. Johnny & Ed; Dec.29, - 29 min. Dr. Edward R. Annis; *Dec. 31 – 84 min. (COMPLETE) Woody Allen Louise Lasser, Yvonne Constant, Rudy Vallee, Ben Grauer, in Times Square. 

1964 (31 broadcasts archived - 0 complete –  2 Guest Host - 8 hours 15 minutes survive)
Guest Hosts – Pat Boone, Groucho Marx.
Jan. 3 – 10 min. Carl Reiner; Jan. 30, – 16 min. Dick Capri; Feb. 26, – 18 min. June Valli; March 3, - Gigi Robin; April 1, - 19 min. Caterina Valente; April 17, - 8 min. Ethel Ennis; April 24, - 29 min. Kay Ballard; April 28, - 10 min. Charles Aznavour; April 30, - 11 min. Sara Rubine; May 5, - 14 min. Michael Rapinchuk, Dr. Robert Baird; May 21, - 9 min. Felicia Sanders; June 12, - 8 min. Alan Lamb; June 14, - 22 min. Sylvie Vartan; July 10, - 10 min. The J’s Singing Group; July 21, - 7 min. Bobby Vinton; July 22, - 6 min. PAT BOONE GUEST HOST, with Selma Diamond; 
 Aug. 13, - 15 min. GROUCHO MARX GUEST HOST, with Catherine Curry; Aug. 18 (EARLIEST COLOR BROADCAST ARCHIVED), - 60 min. Harry Goldan, Jack Haskell (Video breaks up through-out playback); Aug. 19, - 7 min. Marion Colby; Sept. 3, - 7 min. Carson at his desk; Sept. 10, - 31 min. Gig Young, Jim Franciscus, Leila Edmons; Sept. 24, - 12 min. The Interludes; Sept. 27, - 30 min. Pearl Bailey; Sept. 30, - 11 min. Fred Wayne; Oct. 6, - 31 min. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Corbet Monica; Oct. 16, - 21 min. Dr. Jonathan Karas; Oct. 26, - 9 min. Ed Ames; Nov. 11, - 12 min. Eva Gabor; Nov. 23, - 9 min. Nick Hewlett, Tony Hendra; Dec. 7, - 16 min. Robert Lewis; Dec. 30, - 12 min. commercial breaks;

1965(4 broadcasts archived –  2 *complete – 2 Guest Hosts - 4 hours 45 minutes survive)
Guest Host – Joey Bishop (2).
*Oct. 3, - 87 min. (COMPLETE) - JOEY BISHOP GUEST HOST, with Phil Foster, J. Richard Kennedy, Juliet Prowse, Dave Grusom; Oct. 4, - 59 min. Groucho Marx, George Segal, Ray Hasting, THE MIGHTY CARSON ART PLAYERS with Carol Anderson as the Matinee Lady; Oct. 5, - 59 min. JOEY BISHOP GUEST HOST, with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin; *Dec. 31, - 87 min. Woody Allen, Willam Walker, Gila Golan, Phil Ford & Mimi Hines, The Muppets, Ben Grauer at Times Square. 

1966 (57 broadcasts archived – 0 Complete – 7 Guest Hosts - 13 hours 15 minutes survive)
Guest Hosts – Alan King, Joey Bishop (2), Sammy Davis Jr., Hugh Downs, Steve Lawrence (2)
Jan. 8, - 32 min. Don Adams, Hal Frazier, Theodore Bikel; Jan. 31, - 13 min. June Valli; Feb. 2, - 8 min. Laura Greene; Feb. 17, - 8 min. Dick Hyman & spots; Feb. 28, - 15 min.  ALAN KING GUEST HOST, with Mark Traynor; March 2, - 15 min. Jerry Smith, Lana Cantrell; March 4, - 14 min. Los Indios Tabajaras; March 11, - 13 min. Miriam Makeba, Sam Levenson; March 24, - 8 min. TEA TIME MOVIE; March 25, - 7 min. spots: March 30, - 8 min. Baja Marimba Band; April 8, - 17 min. Smothers’ Brothers, Pat O’ Bien; April 19, - 6 min. April 20, - 6 min. spots; April 23, - 19 min. Dick Cavett, Diahann Carroll, Vidal Sassoon; April 28, - 18 min. June Valli, Ivan Rivers, Charles Deaton; May 12, - 14 min. Gretchen Wyler, Eydie Gorme; May 12, (COLOR VERSION) – 11 min. Gretchen Wyler, Eydie Gorme; May 19, - 14 min. Vicki Hayes; May 25, - 20 min. Tom Smothers; May 27, - 7 min. Lana Cantrell; June 1, - 10 min. Van McCoy; June 7, - 10 
 min. Stiller & Meara “computer dating routine;” July 4, - 20 min. Les & Larry Elgart, Mark Russell; July 5, - 13 min. Bill Staton; July 6, - 15 min. Dennie Coffet; July 18, - 7 min. Bonnie Jacobs; July 22, - 7 min. JOEY BISHOP GUEST HOST, with Bonnie Jacobs; July 26, - 11 min. Ethel Merman (SOUND ONLY); Aug. 2, - 17 min. JOEY BISHOP GUEST HOST, with Ronnie Martin; Aug. 5, - 7 min. United States Marines; Aug. 8, - 5 min. Bonnie Jacobs; Aug. 9, - 15 min. Nat Gale; Aug. 12, - 10 min. SAMMY DAVIS JR. GUEST HOST, with Phyllis Newman; Aug. 27, -  7 min. HUGH DOWNS GUEST HOST, with Jackie Vernon; Aug. 29, - 7 min. Florence Henderson; Sept. 9, - 20 min. Dick Cavett, George Carlin; Sept. 24, - 13 min. Hank Bradford; Sept. 29, - 5 min. Ruth Price; Oct. 7, - 10 min. Norm Crosby; Oct 15, - 20 min. STEVE LAWRENCE GUEST HOST, with Bill Lear, Vidal Sassoon, Phil Ford & Mimi Hines (  last minute guests not listed in any resource); Oct. 22, - 20 min. Arthur Bornstein, Joan Rivers, Allan Sherman, Skitch Henderson; Oct. 27, - 5 min. STEVE LAWRENCE GUEST HOST, with Bill Lear; Nov. 1, - 20 min. Robert Ricci, Nov. 4, - 20 min. Guniall Knutron; Nov. 10 , - 24 min. Buddy Rich; Nov, 4, (COLOR VERSION with slight video break-up) – 60 min. Soupy Sales, Milton DeLugg, Roland Popular; Nov. 14 – 20 min. Dr. Richard Evans, Buddy Hackett; Nov. 17, - 10 min. show open…JC monologue…spots; Nov. 19, - 7 min. January Jones; Nov. 25, - 10 min. Johnny Carson’s son Ricky, and his band; Nov. 29, - 7 min. Leon Bibb; Dec. 2, - 20 min. CARNAC THE MAGNIFICENT, Danyale Luna; Dec. 19, 15 min. Fannie Flagg; Dec. 24, - Fannie Flagg, George Segal intro only; 

1967 (78 Broadcasts Archived – 0 Complete – 13 Guest Hosts – 20 Hours survive)
Guest Hosts – Woody Allen, Bob Newhart (8), Gene Rayburn (4), Victor Borge, Allan King.
Jan. 6, - 7 min. Shari Lewis; Jan. 19, - 11 min. Norman Wisdom; Jan. – 23, - 19 min. Beverly Todd; Jan. 26, - 17 min. Woody Woodbury; Feb. 2, - 22 min. Bud Greenspan; Feb. 3, - 13 min. June Valli (SOUND ONLY); Feb. 8, - 21 min. Fannie Flagg; Feb. 9, 21 min. Sarah Churchill; Feb. 16, - 9 min. Van Harris; Feb. 19, - 15 min. John Byner; Feb. 23, - 32 min. Glen Lamar; Feb. 26, - 16 min. Eddie Arnold (VERSION #1); Feb. 23, -  24 min. Carol Wayne, George Segal (VERSION #2); Feb. 29, - 4 min. sketch; March 4, - 5 min. Johnny & Ed; March 6, - 13 min. David Hemmings; March 14, - 12 min. Danielle Aubrey; March 15, - 20 min. Joan Meyers; March 17, - 9 min. Johnny & Ed; March 31 (COLOR) – 5 min. Danielle Aubrey; April 1, - 7 min. Jake Holmes; April 4, - 14 min. Sandra Hiller; May 9, - 17 min. WOODY ALLEN GUEST HOST, with guest Lee Leonard; May 10, - 14 min. Bill Fiore & Phyllis Eldridge; May 11, - Joan Meyers, Clint Eastwood (loose sound after 1 minute…Eastwood segment continues silent for 2 more minutes). May 17, - 9 min. Charlie Callas; May 18, - 11 min. Peter Allen, Chris Allen; May 19, - 15 min. Zsa Zsa Gabor; May 23, - 17 min. Father Bernard Bassett; June 4, -(COLOR COMPOSITE 9O MINUTE ENTRY…MANY DIFFERENT BROADCASTS LUMPED TOGETHER)…James Garner, Richard Crenna in a MIGHTY CARSON ART PLAYERS sketch “Mutiny on the Bounty,” Milton Berle, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Louis Armstrong, Chief Bill Red Fox, Tom Seaver, Dr. Frank Field, William “Bill” Cheung, Little Dion, BAR ROOM SKETCH with James Drury, Doug McClure, Chuck Courtney, DRAGNET SKETCH with Jack Webb, BONNIE & CLYDE SKETCH, TEA TIME MOVIE SKETCH, Mary Harper (101 years old) telecast New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 1967, Benny Goodman; June 10, - 16 min. John Fairchild, Times Square Two, Misty Moore; June 11, - 17 min. Jim Bishop, Chris Allen, Peter Allen, Jackie Vernon; June, 15, - 20 min. Pierre Berton; June 16, - 17 min. Kathleen Holly, Ray Price; June 22, - 6 min. Charlie Manna; June 24, - 20 min. (SOUND ONLY) Hugh Hefner, George Segal, Engelbert Humperdinck, Milton DeLugg; June 24, - (VERSION #2) 7 min. Shelley Winters; June 30, - 14 min. Angeline Butler, Johnny Tillotson, Corbett Monica (brief); July 2, - 17 min. SKETCH “Mr. President Beauty School” (SOUND ONLY); July 4, - 16 min. Paul Revere and the Raiders; July 6, - (COLOR) 5 min. STUMP THE BAND; July 10, - 11 min. Gary & the Hornets band; July 11, - 9 min. Times Square Two; July 19, - 17 min. BOB NEWHART GUEST HOST, with Angeline Butler, Albert Lipton; July 24, - 8 min. Linda Bennett; July 27, - 16 min. (VERSION #1)  BOB NEWHART GUEST HOST, with  Lynn Kellogg; July 27, - 11 min. (VERSION #2) BOB NEWHART GUEST HOST, with Jocko Conlon;  July 31, - 12 min. Carey Garfin Four; Aug. 5, - 15 min. (VERSION #1) BOB NEWHART GUEST HOST, with Frank Buxton; Aug. 5, - 20 min. (VERSION #2) BOB NEWHART GUEST HOST, with Dr. Haim Ginott; Aug. 7, - 23 min. Joe DeCirto, Vincent Price; Aug. 8, - 7 min. Tony Randall, Carmen Lombardo; Aug. 10, - 6 min. (VERSION #1) Judy Scott, Buddy Greco (brief); Aug. 10, - 17 min. (VERSION #2) Mark Traynor; Aug. 16, - 14 min. BOB NEWHART GUEST HOST, with Jan Sterling; Aug. 19, - 18 min. Ron Carey; Aug. 22, - 15 min. Alfred Lipton; Aug. 28 – 17 min. Twiggy, Donna Theodore; Aug. 29, - 11 min. Ray Price; Aug. 30, (COLOR) – 7 min. Bobbie Gentry; Aug. 31, - 8 min. Jack Curtiss & Bill Tracy; Sept. 8, - 9 min. Teddy Neely; Sept. 11, - 16 min. Leslie Uggams; Sept. 16, - 8 min. BOB NEWHART GUEST HOST, with Ann Hilton segment, and COLOR 9 min. segment (Sept. 16 (?) with Ann Dawson with Johnny Carson; Sept. 19, - 7 min. Alan King; Sept. 22, - 9 min. GENE RAYBURN GUEST HOST, with Peggy Walters; Sept. 22, (?) – 16min. Michael Butler, Tom Hughes, Polo players with JC; Sept. 27, - 16 min. GENE RAYBURN GUEST HOST, with Walter Wanderly Trio (s/b – Sept. 21); Sept. 29, - 14 min. Susan Oliver (s/b Sept. 12); Oct. 5, - 12 min. Dr. Dare Miller; Oct. 10, - 10 min. GENE RAYBURN HOST, with Monique Van Vooren (s/b Sept. 21); Oct. 14, - 17 min. GENE RAYBURN HOST, with Pat Kirby (s/b Sept. 18); Oct. 21, - 7 min. Bill Dana (brief); Oct 21 (?) – 11 min. Monique Van Vooren, Danna Theodore; Oct. 27, - 7 min. Johnny Carson monologue; Nov. 3, - 14 min. Beverly 
Penberthy, Sarah Vaughan; Nov. 12, - 8 min. BOB NEWHART HOST, with Elias & Shaw (s/b Nov. 6); Nov. 18, - 6 min. unidentified guest with JC; Nov. 24, - 7 min. Jimmie Rodgers; Dec. 8, (COLOR) – 9 min. Members of the New York Ranger Hockey Team (NO SOUND); Dec. 9, - 8 min. Johnny and Ed; Dec. 16, - 12 min. Bill Cowden; Dec. 17, - 32 min. Dr. Edward Annis; Dec. 27, - 6 min. ALAN KING HOST. End of the show; Dec. 28, - 7 min. VICTOR BORGE HOST;

1968 (37 Broadcasts Archived – 3 Complete – 8 Guest Hosts - 15 hours survive)
Guest Hosts – Orson Bean, Sammy Davis Jr., Harry Belafonte (2), Joe Garagiola (2), Barbara Walters, Pearl Bailey.
Jan. 12, - 20 min. Richard M. Nixon (s/b Nov. 22, 1967); Jan. 15, - 8 min. Eddie Lawrence; Jan. 20, - 9 min. Georgie Kaye; Jan. 30, - 16 min. George Kaplan; Feb. 9, - 14 min. Chris Calloway; Feb. 10, - 12 min. ORSON BEAN GUEST HOST, with Bob McGrath (s/b Jan. 23); March 1, - 10 min. Barbara Cowsill; March 2, - 10 min. Jim Garrison (s/b Jan. 31); March 18, - 14 min. Louis & Earl Mountbatten; April 6, - 32 min. SAMMY DAVIS Jr. GUEST HOST, with Eydie Gorme, Bob Melvin, Louis Armstrong (s/b March 28); April 12, - 14 min. Florence Berry, Tonia Bern-Cambell; April 19, - 11 min. Marilyn Maye; April 20, - 11 min. The Hello People; April 24, - 28 min. HARRY BELAFONTE GUEST HOST, with Robert F. Kennedy, Bill Cosby (s/b Feb. 5); April 25, - 32 min. HARRY BELAFONTE GUEST HOST, with Dr. Martin Luther King (s/b Feb. 8); May 8, - 11 min. Steve Lawrence; May 11, - 17 min. Marlon Brando (s/b April 19); May 13, - 16 min. JOE GARAGIOLA GUEST HOST, with Jack Paar; May 16, - 14 min. Toni Carroll, Tony Randall; May 18, - 32 min. Johnny & Ed, Tony Kahmann; May 19, (COLOR) – 53 min. Debbie Drake, Jim Fowler, THE MIGHTY CARSON ART PLAYERS, Robert Klein; May 25, - 14 min. JOE GARAGIOLA GUEST HOST, with Barbara Walters (s/b May 17);  June 2, - 7 min. Leon Bibb; *June 19, - 87 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST IN COLOR) Raquel Welch, Alan King, Pigmeat Markham, Cleve Baxter; July 6, - 82 min. (ALMOST COMPLETE BROADCAST IN COLOR) Galan Sisters, Richard Harris, Bobby Gentry, Dr. Frank Field, Tiny Tim, MIGHTY CARSON ART PLAYERS; *July 19, - 85 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST IN COLOR) Edward G. Robinson, Karl Malden, George Burns, Sam Jaffe, Carl Reiner, Debbie Reynolds; July 22, - 16 min. James Garner, Lucille Ball; July 30, - 9 min. Stiller & Meara; Aug. 12, - 14 min. Dick Carson, Don Rickles, MIGHTY CARSON ART PLAYERS; Aug. 20, - 15 min. Peter Max (s/b Aug. 15); Sept. 9, - 82 min. (ALMOST A COMPLETE BROADCAST IN COLOR); Sept. 13, - 17 min. BARBARA WALTERS GUEST HOST – Paris Fashion Show; Sept. 27, - 7 min. Irwin C. Watson; Oct. 12, - 13 min. Corky Hale, Tony Bennett; *Oct. 20, -87 min. (COMPLETE SHOW IN COLOR) Joan Fontaine, Don Piccard, David Frye; Nov. 16,  8 min.  Terry-Thomas; Dec. 7, - 32 min. PEARL BAILEY GUEST HOST (s/b Nov. 4); Dec. 13, - 11 min. The Hello People;

1969 (14 Broadcasts Archived – 4 Complete – 1 Guest Host – 13 hours 15 minutes survive)
Guest Host – Don Rickles.
Feb. 15, - 90 min. Robert O. Lowery, Bob Sinclair, Marian Mercer, Larry Haines, Peter Lawford, skits; March 22, - 7 min. (IN BLACK & WHITE) Richard Claire & Jenna McMahon; March 14, - 12 min. (IN BLACK & WHITE) Johnny and Ed with new products; March 28, - 10 min; *May 22, - 90 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST)…includes re-creation of Radio Superman Episode as presented by THE MIGHTY CARSON ART PLAYERS, Art Scholl, Eva Gabor, Bob Hope, John Byner, Carl Reiner, George Lindsey, Rose Marie; *May 22, - 90 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST ) DON RICKLES GUEST HOST, with Ed Sullivan(s/b May 14); June 8, - 33 min. Judy Garland, (s/b Dec. 17, 1968); June 8, - 54min. Philippe Halsman, George Raft, Charlton Heston, Jimmy Stuart Multiple skits (COMPOSITE TAPE CONTAINING MANY DIFFERENT BROADCASTS);* June 13, - 88 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST IN BLACK & WHITE); Dana Valery, Joan Rivers, Stan Feberg, Jim Fowler; July 11, - 9 min. William Gargan; Oct. 12, - 79 min. (COMPOLATION BROADCAST) Tiny Tim, Judy Garland; Oct. 13, - 19 min. (Black & White) Charles Luce; Nov. 17, - 12 min. (BLACK & WHITE) STUMP THE BAND; Nov. 20, - 84 min. (COMPOSITE BROADCAST FROM MANY DIFFERENT DATES) MIGHTY CARON ART PLATERS, Charlton Heston, Bishop James Pike, Shirley Jones, Two different TEA TIME MOVIE skits, the classic Feb. 21, 1969 broadcast with Bob Hope, George Gobel, Dean Martin and Louis Bellson & Buddy Rich; *Dec. 17, - 87 min. 
(COMPLETE BROADCAST) Tiny Tim & Vicki Budinger marriage…Nick Lucas, Phyllis Diller, Florence Henderson;

1970 8 BROADCASTS Archived– 1 Complete Broadcast – 0 Guest Hosts – 8 Hours 30 Minutes survive)
March 24, - 13 min. (BLACK & WHITE) Rose Marie; April 4, - 84 min. (COMPILATION FROM MANY DIFFERENT BROADCASTS) two MIGHTY CARSON ART PLAYERS, Marcel Marceau, Tony Randall, Cliff Robertson, Circus Sketch, Sketch with James Coco; June 7, - 84 min. (COMPILATION FROM MANY DIFFERENT BROADCASTS) Spiro T. Agnew, multiple sketches, Johnny Carson shows clip of one of his earliest television appearances (1953) when he filled in for Red Skelton, who injured his leg. Jolly Green Giant sketch, Jay Silverheels; June 12, - 7 min. Doc Severinsen & the Now Generation of Brass, The Brothers & Sisters; Aug. 1, - 73 min. Apollo 13 Astronauts, James Lovell, John Swigert and Fred Haise, Ruth Webb, The Brothers & Sisters, MIGHTY CARSON ART PLAYERS; *Aug. 13, - 87 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST) Dr. Paul Ehrlich, Ben Wattenberg, Buddy Hackett; Sept. 27, - 90 min. (COMPILATION BROADCASTS FROM VARIOUS PAST SHOWS) Joe Frazier, Mel Brooks, Alan King, Phyllis Newman, Mary Harper (104 year old women guest with Johnny), TEA TIME MOVIE, EL MOULDO Sketch, Lou Burk, CARNAC THE MAGNIFICENT; Oct. 1, - 48 min. (COMPILATION OF DIFFERENT BROADCASTS) Jack Webb DRAGNET sketch, Charlton Heston, Carson sketches with Sammy Davis Jr., Paula Prentiss and Tiny Tim, Japanese Message sketch with Don Rickles, Doug McClure, James Drury, JC classic BAR ROOM BRAWL SKETCH; Oct. 30, - 17 min. (BLACK & WHITE) Mac Davis; Nov. 12, - 7 min. Miss Finland;

1971 (9 BROADCASTS ARCHIVED – 5 COMPLETE – 0 GUEST HOSTS – 8 Hours survive)
Jan. 5, - 20 min. Alex Karras; May 24, - 13 min. TEA TIME MOVIE, Carol Wayne; *July 1, - 88 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST) Jerzy Kosinski, Della Reese, Doc & Johnny, Rodney Dangerfield; *July 21, - 87 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST) Mac Davis, Mrs. James Munnings, Billy DeWolfe, Rodney Dangerfield; Sept. 13, - 13 min. Buddy Hackett (LAST BLACK & WHITE BROADCAST ARCHIVED IN THIS COLLECTION); Sept. 23, - 86 min. Beverly Sills, Della Reese, Bob Uecker, Hans Conried; Nov. 16, - 13 min. Joel Lanford, Steve Tracey; *Nov. 17, - 87 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST) Vikki Carr, Jo Anne Worley, Danny Thomas, Robert Goulet, Dick Martin, Perkins Hamly; *Dec. 14, - 87 min. (COMPLETE BROADCAST) Helen Reddy, Robert Shaw, Paul Williams, Phyllis Newman; 

1972- (16 BROADCASTS ARCHIVED – 15 COMPLETE – 1 GUESTS HOST – 20 Hours 15 minutes survive
Guest Host – Don Rickles.

*Feb. 18, - Billy De Wolfe, Burt Reynolds, Albert Brooks, Pat Boone; 
*Feb. 29, - Flip Wilson, George Carlin, Ann-Margret, MIGHTY CARSON ART PLAYERS, Susan St. James;
*March 9, - Desmond Morris, Bobby Goldsboro, Shecky Greene, Bob Hope;
*May 2, - Johnny Mathis, Carol Wayne, Mr. Blackwell, George Carlin, Rob Reiner;
*May 19, - Adelle Davis, Alton Ruff, Gwen Davis, John Twamley, Mitzy Gaynor, Randy Doney, Robert Blake;
*July 27, - Gloria Stewart, James Stewart, Linda Hopkins, Sam Blotner, Slappy White;
Aug. 7, - 7 min. DON RICKLES GUEST HOST, with Carol Wayne;
*Sept. 12, - Karen Valentine, Larry Kert, Phyllis McGuire, Rodney Dangerfield, CARNAC THE MAGNIFICENT;
*Sept. 15, - Albert Brooks, Burt Reynolds, Dr. Melvin Anchell, Peter Falk, Vikki Carr;
*Sept. 19, - Bob Hope, Dom DeLuise, John Denver, Peter Fonda;
*Sept. 20, - Dionne Warwick, Don Rickles, Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman, Pat Boone;
*Sept. 22, - Ace Trucking Company, Gail Parent, Kenny Solms, Peaches Jones, Shecky Greene, Tommy Leonetti;
*Sept. 26, - Paul Williams, Redd Foxx Tony Randall;
*Sept. 27, - Robert Klein, Jaye P. Morgan;
*Sept. 28, - Billy DeWolfe, Dennis Weaver, Tottie Fields;
*Sept. 29, 1972 – Carazini, Earl Holliman, Joan Rivers, Mitzi Gaynor. 

October 1, 1962 – September 29, 1972
•	Only 276 Broadcasts (mostly excerpts) survive.
•	Only 33 Complete Broadcasts survive.
•	Only 119 hours of programming survive.
•	Only 20 and ½ hours survive representing the first 3 years & 3 months of broadcasting TTSSJC (Oct. 1, 1962 – Dec. 31, 1965).
•	From Oct. 1, 1962, thru June 18, 1968, spanning 5 years 9 & ½ months, only 3 COMPLETE BROADCASTS survive.
•	Earliest surviving Complete Broadcast – Dec. 31, 1963.
•	Earliest surviving COLOR excerpt – August 18, 1964.
•	Last recorded and archived Black & White excerpt – September 13, 1971.
•	36 Broadcasts survive which have Guest Hosts filling in for Johnny Carson.
Allan Sherman, Pat Boone, Groucho Marx, Joey Bishop (4), Alan King (2), Sammy Davis Jr. (2), Hugh Downs, Steve Lawrence, Woody Allen, Bob Newhart (8), Gene Rayburn (4), Victor Borge, Orson Bean, Harry Belafonte (2), Joe Garagiola (2), Barbara Walters, Pearl Bailey, Don Rickles (2).

*The Tonight Starring Johnny Carson was broadcast from New York Oct 1, 1962, to May 1, 1972 when it permanently moved to California, broadcasting from Burbank where it would televise remaining programs for the next 20 years.

During the New York broadcasting years (1962-1972) Johnny Carson and staff would travel to Burbank, California 23 times broadcasting 212 shows during that time span. 

Broadcasts of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson produced from Burbank, California (May 1963 - November 1971)...intervals of one week at times, two weeks at times and three weeks at times. 

May 14-28, 1963, Feb. 17-28, 1964, Feb. 1-12, 1965, 
Sept. 27-Oct. 8, 1965, March 14-25, 1966, Sept. 26- Oct. 7, 1966,  Feb. 27- March 10, 1967, Sept. 25 - Oct. 6, 1967, Feb. 12-23, 1968, July 8 -19, 1968, Nov. 6-26, 1968, Feb. 17-28, 1969, 
Aug. 11-25, 1969, Nov. 5-25, 1969, Feb. 16-27, 1970, Feb. 8-19, 1971 (Los Angeles Earthquake Feb. 9th), May 10,-21, 1971, 
Aug. 2-20, 1971, Nov. 1-19, 1971.
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