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1959-03-23, WRCA, 32 min.
Jack Paar, Hugh Downs, Mrs. Miller, Diahann Carroll, Jackie Cooper, Genevieve, Al Fanelli

July 29, 1957- March 30,1962. 

JIP with Jack Paar doing monologue.
Program returns to New York after two weeks in Hollywood transmitted on Video Tape. At this time Video Tape was used to broadcast programs telecast on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and continued to transmit LIVE on Thursday and Friday. 

During Jack's monologue he describes the difference between LA and New York. Jack introduces Diahann Carroll who sings, "I Got Plenty of Nothing." 

Paar in audience and talks to a man frm Nova Scocia, a woman from Philadelphia. Jack, "I was there once and it was closed."

Jack Paar and Hugh Downs back together again. Jack looks into Down's eyes and says, "You must be living it up," thinking Hugh had a few too many before the show. Then Paar realizes his is seen a red reflection from the camera light in Hugh Downs eyes!

Genevieve is introduced. She talks about the her upcoming televised first dramatic role to be televised in three days, called "A Nice Place to Hide." They talk about Jackie Cooper who stars in the show. Jack recalls being in the service with Cooper who would steal ("requisition') plywood, mattresses, chest of drawers...from a commander to help out his buddies in need. Jack recalls once pilfering leather jackets for his service pals. Genevieve sings, "A Nice Place To Hide." Diahann Carroll sings, "You Better Go Now." 

Jack describes things that one can send to people you want to irritate:
-Paper napkins stapled together.
-Gift wrapped garbage.
-Beer six pack all empty.
-Telegram marked page two.
-An LP record with no hole in the middle.

Al Fenelli subbing for Jose Melies orchestra. Jack Paar segment with audience and dialog with Mrs. Miller.

*Most of this series does not survive in any broadcast form. Kinescopes were discarded, burned, decomposed...whereabouts unknown. 2" Quadruplex Video Tape was expensive ($300 for a one hour reel), weighting 26 pounds, requiring great storage space. Video Tape could easily be erased and was used for new program recordings...retained briefly for a re-run and then erased or discarded. Legend has it that even Jack Paar himself hired a junk man to come to his home garage and paid to have JACK PAAR TONIGHT SHOW recordings discarded (reels of kinescopes and video tapes) that were now cluttering up his space. 

During this era in television history archiving television programming was not a primary concern or vision, and considered an arcane pursuit. 

ARCHIVAL TELEVISION AUDIO, INC. retains over 70 complete and excerpt JACK PAAR TONIGHT SHOW air checks (34 hours), including the complete Jack Paar's first anniversary telecast which was broadcast live from Havana Cuba (June 28, 1958). These originally recorded off the air pristine sound direct line 1/4" reel to reel audio tracks, recorded at the time of the original broadcasts, represent the only broadcast record of a "lost" visual telecast. ATA is the largest single repository (one collection), in the United Sates of Jack Paar Tonight Shows recordings. The combined archives of The Library of Congress, Paley Center for Media, and UCLA Film & Television retain a composite total of 13 hours of representative JACK PAAR TONIGHT SHOW broadcasts excerpts...none complete. 

 For four years and eight months Jack Paar reigned supreme as host of the TONIGHT SHOW with a crew of regulars, but only two stayed with him for the entire run; announcer Hugh Downs and band leader Jose Melis, a former army buddy. Familiar faces who appeared many times with Jack included Dody Goodman, Betty Johnson, Elsa Maxwell, Alexander King, Genevieve, Jack Douglas; and wife Reiko, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hans Conreid, Peggy Cass, Cliff (Charley Weaver) Arquette, and Jonathan Winters.

 Hugh Downs substituted for Jack Paar 79 times, more than any other substitute host. There were 20 different substitute hosts for Paar over the period of the series run. Joey Bishop substituted for Paar 31 times. Arlene Francis, 30 times, Jonathan Winters, 26 times, Orson Bean, 21 times and Johnny Carson 15 times. All together there were 243 broadcasts which had substitute hosts filling in for Paar during Jack Paar's TONIGHT SHOW tenure. The title of the late night broadcast changed to THE JACK PAAR SHOW which took effect on February 3, 1958. The first video-taped broadcast aired on January 5, 1959. "Best of Paar " Re-runs began on July 10,1959. Beginning July 20, 1959 Jack Paar began taking off Monday nights & guest hosts would substitute for him (approximately on alternate Mondays). The first color broadcast aired on September 19, 1960.
Theme music, "Everything is Coming Up Roses" was first used beginning in the Fall of 1959. 

Location broadcast telecasts of the program telecast away from the Hudson Theater in New York City occurred 14 times during this series run. 

Jan. 13-17, 1958                     Miami Beach, Florida
July 28, 1958                        Havana,Cuba           
Nov. 3-21, 1958                      Hollywood, California
March 2-20, 1959                     Hollywood, California
Nov. 10-12, 1959                  Nassau, Bahamas (Video Tape)
Nov. 30- Dec. 10, 1959               Hollywood, California
March 28-April 1, 1960            London, England (Video Tape)
Nov.9-11, 1960                    Hawaii (Video Tape) - b&w
Nov.14-24, 1960                     Hollywood, California
March 21-24, 1961                 London, England (Video Tape)
Sept. 12-14, 1961                 West Berlin (Video Tape)
Nov. 14-17, 1961                  Hollywood, California (Tape)
Nov. 21-24, 1961                  Hollywood, California (Tape)
March 13-16, 1962                 London, England (Video Tape)

1959-03-26, NBC, 26 min.
Jackie Cooper, Florence Henderson, Bill Hayes, Genevieve

  March 26, 1959 - May 7, 1959

Bill Hayes and Florence Henderson co host this live half-hour  anthology series. Most presentations were musicals. 

 In this premiere broadcast Jackie Cooper and Genevieve, in her first dramatic role,  star in "A NICE PLACE TO HIDE."
Story about an interesting relationship that forms slowly between two people who are looking for love. 

"The Sunny Side of the Street" (Jackie Cooper & Genevieve)
"When I Fall in Love" (Genevieve)
"I'm Glad There Is You." (Jackie Cooper & Genevieve)

Included is a two minute Oldsmobile commercial. 

#7446: "STEP ON THE GAS"
1960-10-19, CBS, 00 min.
Shari Lewis, Shirley Jones, Jackie Cooper, Hans Conreid, Pat Carroll, Rod Alexander

Presented on "US STEEL HOUR." 

Musical, comedy satire about America's driving habits and love of cars.                                       
1962-01-02, WPIX, 49 min.
Ralph Edwards, James Garner, Jack Lemmon, Lorne Greene, Limeliters, Jackie Cooper, Fabian, Dr. Frank Baxter, Buster Keaton, Rosemary Clooney, Eartha Kitt, Abby Dalton, Fritz Feld, Dorothy Provine, Roger Williams, David Janssen, Nanette Fabray, Dan Blocker

Starring in this special program are Jimmy Durante, Buster Keaton, Dan Blocker, Rosemary Clooney, Jackie Cooper, Abby Dalton, Ralph Edwards, Fabian, Nanette Fabray, Fritz Feld, James Garner, Lorne Greene, David Janssen, Eartha Kitt, Jack Lemmon, The Limeliters, Dorothy Provine, Roger Williams and Dr. Frank Baxter. This film and its stars signal the opening of the 1962 March of Dimes Campaign.
1963-09-25, WCBS, 53 min.
Danny Kaye, Jackie Cooper, Joe & Eddie, Lovelady Powell

This is the premiere show for Danny Kaye and his first television series. Guests are Jackie Cooper, Lovelady Powell and rhythm singers Joe & Eddie.
1964-02-27, WNBC, 18 min.
Jackie Coogan, Conrad Nagel, John Springer, Jackie Cooper

The careers of Jackie Coogan and Jackie Cooper are profiled by Conrad Nagel with additional anecdotes from John Springer.
1974-06-06, WNBC, 52 min.
Rodney Dangerfield, Jackie Cooper, The Committee

June 6, 1974-August 15, 1974. "Comedyworld," a summer replacement for "The Dean Martin Comedy Hour," was a showcase for comics. Jackie Cooper hosted the hour show, which also featured Nipsey Russell and Barbara Feldon.
1974-06-13, WNBC, 52 min.
Jackie Cooper, Freddie Prinze, Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise, Rich Little, Jud Strunk, David Brenner, Monty Python, Slappy White

June 6, 1974-August 15, 1974. "Comedyworld," a summer replacement for "The Dean Martin Comedy Hour," was a showcase for comics. Jackie Cooper hosted the hour show, which also featured Nipsey Russell and Barbara Feldon.
1974-06-27, WNBC, 52 min.
Jackie Cooper, Eric Morecambe, Jud Strunk, Monty Python, Ed Bluestone, Irwin C. Watson, Alan Bursky, Kelly Monteith, Lonnie Schorr

June 6, 1974-August 15, 1974. "Comedyworld," a summer replacement for "The Dean Martin Comedy Hour," was a showcase for comics. Jackie Cooper hosted the hour show, which also featured Nipsey Russell and Barbara Feldon.
1974-07-04, WNBC, 52 min.
Rodney Dangerfield, Jackie Cooper, Freddie Prinze, Jimmie Walker, Mark Russell, Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise, Jud Strunk, Mike Preminger, Lonnie Schorr

June 6, 1974-August 15, 1974. "Comedyworld," a summer replacement for "The Dean Martin Comedy Hour," was a showcase for comics. Jackie Cooper hosted the hour show, which also featured Nipsey Russell and Barbara Feldon.
1976-07-04, CBS, 720 min.
Steve Allen, Kirk Douglas, Ed McMahon, Jackie Cooper, Mike Douglas, Roger Miller, Roy Clark, Lynn Anderson, Labelle

A 12-hour coast to coast celebration. The frigate Constellation in Baltimore harbor, with Ed McMahon aboard and the aircraft carrier Constellation in San Diego Bay, with Jackie Cooper aboard, are the hubs of Bicentennial activities.
Scheduled intermittent all-night stage show at Fort McHenry, Maryland; festivities activities at Kings Island, Ohio; military pageantry outside the nation's capital, and taped interviews with historical figures portrayed by celebrities.
Scheduled to be on hand.....Mike Douglas, Roger Miller, Roy Clark, Steve Allen, Lynn Anderson, Kirk Douglas, Labelle.
A 12-hour celebration of the nation's 200th birthday. 
CBS 12 hours 7PM-Midnight, July 3rd, 1976 and midnight to 7 AM July 4th, 1976. 
11 Results found for Jackie Cooper
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