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1945-00-00, NBC, 15 min.
Frank Sinatra , Bill Stern

December 5th, 1937-June 22nd, 1956

The Bill Stern Colgate Sports newsreel from Hollywood was a radio show on the NBC radio network, sponsored by Colgate Shave Cream and hosted by sportscaster Bill Stern. A series of fifteen-minute interviews with notable public figures from the sports and entertainment industries. 

Guest: Frank Sinatra                                                                                            
1949-05-09, WNBC, 19 min.
Tex McCrary , Frank Sinatra , Jerry Lewis , Dean Martin , Alan King , Ed Sullivan , Jinx Falkenburg , Clark Gable , Sophie Tucker , Walter Winchell , Sonny King , Abby Greshler , Four Vagabonds , Barry Fitzgerald


April 22, 1946- February 27, 1959. 

WEAF (WNBC, WRCA), New York weekdays at 8:30 A.M. until 1954; at 1:00pm,1954-1955; then at 6:30 and 10:35pm until July 31, 1958, moving briefly to WOR, broadcasting at 2:15pm.

Tex McCrary opens the broadcast introducing both of Jinx's guests, Dean Martin (30 years old), and Jerry Lewis (22 years old). Jinx Falkenburg asks both Dean and Jerry to describe themselves so radio audiences will be able to know them apart. They each also describe the other. Jerry says that his high voice is because he gets excited . 
Jerry describes his monogrammed shirt which says "Child Star."

Jinx mentions that there has been a lot of praise for the team coming from the likes of Walter Winchell and Ed Sullivan. Dean and Jerry relate how they first came together and their big breakthrough when they played the 500 Club in Atlantic City. They recall how in the beginning Sophie Tucker caught their act at the Riobamba in New York and encouraged them to not give up. 

Jumping to the present, Jerry relates to their current act at the Copacabana and the structure of their act...Jerry always going on solo at first, followed by Dean singing three songs, and then extemporaneous bedlam between them both. 

Jinx asks Jerry about the very beginning of his career when he first worked in the Catskills at the Brown's  Hotel where he worked for $30 a month. He states that his jobs consisted of working as a Social Director, Bus Boy, Athletic Director, Waiter, and three times a week Entertainer in the Social Hall.

Following the coaxing and suggestion of agent Abby Greshler Jerry states how he began a solo act and for $3.00 a night did shows at local hotels. 

Dean is asked about his beginnings. He states that he was from Steubenville Ohio where he worked in pool halls...was a gas station attendant and bundled 16" hot coils in a steel mill. 
He remembers going to the Walker's Cafe every Saturday night and singing there. One day an orchestra leader asked him to play with his band and Dean accepted. He remembers the first song he ever sung, "Blue Moon."

Dean recalls his first solo singing job in 1944 following Frank Sinatra at the Riobamba night club on 57th Street in Manhattan. Shortly, through his roommate, Sunny King, he met Jerry by chance where a few years would lapse before they would finally work together as a team creating a breakthrough engagement at the 500 Club.

Originally, Dean and Jerry worked separately on the same show at the Havana Madrid in New York City ( Broadway 50th and 51st Street where thirty five years later on the very spot the adult film Gerry Damiano's The Satisfiers' of Alpha Blue" premiered at the AVON 7 theater in 1981).  

Jinx asks Jerry to describe the teams current act at the Copacabana which also showcases the Four Vagabonds. Dean mentions that they have no writers and much of what is performed is made up "on the spot."

Briefly discussed is their current radio series, "The Martin and Lewis Show" that just began last month on WNBC. Dean mentions that they hope to bring the spirit of their nightclub act to radio. So far they have not gotten there. 

Jinx asks about the motion picture Dean and Jerry are making called "My Friend Irma." (premiere of the film took place almost five months after this radio broadcast, September 28, 1949). 

Wrapping up this rare and revealing interview Dean Martin does his impression of Clark Gable and Jerry Lewis does his impression of Barry Fitzgerald to an amused Jinx Falkenburg. 


Both Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis had been traveling the same night club circuit and appeared many times on the same show but separately. One night Dean Martin, whose career had been taking off had been booked as the headliner at the Havana - Madrid night spot, but the comic for the show, originally his other roommate, Alan King, bombed, and Jerry Lewis was brought on as his replacement. Billboard wrote a stellar review calling the twosome act as "hilarious brilliance." The rest is history. 

This recording comes from the original 1949 master 16" Electronic Disc (ET) disposed of by Tex and Jinx, when they ended their radio show in 1959. It ended up in the possession of the final producer of the show, Barry Farber. He also had little interest keeping this disc and discarded it along with 75 other Tex and Jinx radio show discs when in 1960 he went on to host his own talk show on WOR Radio. 


In addition to the Kollmars (Dorothy Kilgallen and husband Richard Kollmar) and  the Fitzgeralds (Pegeen and husband Ed Fitzgerald), another well-recognized New York couple, newlyweds Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburg, added their own bread-and-bacon banter to the local airwaves between 1946 and 1959. Their gabfest, initially Hi Jinx but later revised to Tex and Jinx, was beamed over WEAF which was subsequently re-lettered WNBC and later WRCA. In limited doses, the flagship outlet of the National Broadcasting Company transmitted Meet Tex and Jinx to the whole country during 1947 and 1948. 

Tex and Jinx devoted most of their airtime to lofty and noble concepts, visitors and sidebars. Tex and Jinx [on WEAF-WNBC-WRCA] were interviewing Bernard Baruch, Margaret Truman, or Ethel Waters…. McCrary built the show on the assumption that the early morning audience was not stupid, as programmers generally assumed; that people in general had fresher minds and were more open to serious topics at the beginning of the day.” 

Their joint radio venture began in April 1946 just 10 months following their nuptials (June 10, 1945). Launched as a breakfast feature, the series later shifted to afternoons and finally into the evening hours before departing the ether a dozen years afterward. They were branded by one journalist “Mr. Brains and Mrs. Beauty.” 

In early 1947 NBC put them on its television network as a portion of a Sunday evening quarter-hour dubbed Bristol-Myers Tele-Varieties. “The McCrarys were naturals for TV,” wrote a reviewer, “with their combination of friendly chatter, interviews, and features.” That summer the web awarded them an exclusive Sunday night half-hour format under the appellation At Home with Tex and Jinx. A decade later, in the 1957-58 season, the duo hosted a daytime NBC-TV showcase, The Tex and Jinx Show. 

When hepatitis sidetracked Falkenburg in 1958 from their broadcast commitments, McCrary carried on solo on their radio show for another couple of years. In the 1980s, however, the couple separated, remaining on genial terms. McCrary died in New York on July 29, 2003 and Falkenburg expired just 29 days later in the same city, on August 27, 2003. 

The scores of TEX AND JINX SHOWS archived by Archival Television Audio, Inc. were originally obtained as original 16" Electronic Discs from Barry Farber, producer of the show (1957-1959), in 1960 after he had begun his own career in front of the mike at WINS Radio. These discs  were subsequently transferred to 1/4" reel to reel tape, and then disposed. These broadcasts are rare and represent  the largest known collection of TEX AND JINX extant broadcasts in the world. 

Today's Guests: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis interviewed by Jinx Falkenburg. This is the earliest known BRAODCAST INERVIEW given and recorded with the team of Martin and Lewis, less than two years after they appeared on Ed Sullivan's first "TOAST OF THE TOWN" television show (June 20, 1948). 

1954-02-28, WNBC, 54 min.
Frank Sinatra , Bert Lahr , Ethel Merman

September 10, 1950-December 25, 1955.

 Most COLGATE COMEDY SHOWS were comedy-variety hours with guest hosts Martin & Lewis, Abbott & Costello, Eddie Cantor, Donald O'Connor, Bob Hope, Jimmy Durante, & Gordon MacRae. Starting in the Fall of 1952, occasional revues and musicals were broadcast. In the summer of 1955, the name of the series was changed to "Colgate Variety Hour," and when Colgate dropped its sponsorship, the show continued in January 1956 for one half season as the "NBC Comedy Hour." Woody Allen was one of the writers. 
 Presented on "COLGATE COMEDY HOUR." A Sunday evening variety hour. Most shows were comedy variety hours with guest hosts. A few comedy plays and musicals were also televised. 

Ethel Merman recreates her starring role in ANYTHING GOES, loosely based adaptation of the 1934 Cole Porter musical.             
1955-09-19, WNBC, 80 min.
Frank Sinatra , Paul Newman , Eva Marie Saint , Ernest Truex , Sylvia Field , Peg Hilligs , Carol Venzie

October 18, 1954-June 24, 1957.
 Presented on "PRODUCER'S SHOWCASE." Some of television's most notable single programs were presented on this highly acclaimed series, one of the most costly to be produced during the "Golden Age Of Television."

Frank Sinatra stars in this story of family life in the fictional town of Grover's Corners, New Hampshire.
1955-12-22, Live, 70 min.
Liberace , Humphrey Bogart , Bob Hope , Frank Sinatra , Jan Murray , Red Buttons , Phil Silvers , Alan King , Lauren Bacall , Maurice Chevalier , Clark Gable , Joe E. Ross , Eddie Weiner , Charles Coburn , Lou Holtz , Gene Baylos , Solly Violinsky

  The most complete recording known running almost ten minutes longer than what has been uploaded to the internet of this rowdy uncensored early Humphrey Bogart Friar's roast, recorded live almost 70 years ago. 

Paying "tribute" to our guest of honor is Master of Ceremonies, Red Buttons, HIstorian of the Friars Club, Eddie Weiner, Joe E. Ross (missing from you tube uploads), Alan King, Maurice Chevalier, Charles Coburn, Lou Holtz, Gene Baylos, Phil Silvers (missing from you tube uploads), Solly Violinsky, Lauren Bacall, and Humphrey Bogart (part of his speech missing from you tube uploads). 

Red Buttons reads telegrams of congratulation from Liberace, Frank Sinatra, Clark Gable and Bob Hope each using a term for copulation in their quotes).  

Processed from an original recording with flaws (edits, under and over modulation, clicks and gaps) acquired over 30 years ago, Phil Gries, founder and owner of Archival Television Audio, Inc.,  has improved the quality and flow of this extraordinary Friar's Roast lampooning  Humphrey Bogart just 13 months before his death at age 56.                     
1956-11-04, , 11 min.
Frank Sinatra , Ava Gardner , Walter Winchell , Adam Clayton Powell , Hazel Scott , Dick Rowan , Dan Martin

Hazel Scott is divorcing Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, Ava Gardner to divorce Frank Sinatra. Winchell mentions the comedy team of Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.                          
1957-10-13, CBS, 50 min.
Four Preps , Bob Hope , Frank Sinatra , Bing Crosby , Rosemary Clooney , Louis Armstrong , Warren Hull , Conn and Mann , Norman Luboff Choir , Barrett Deems , Squire Gersh , Billy Kyle , James Young , Edmond Hall , Lindsay Crosby

Wall-To-Wall music is the order of the day as Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra host this CBS-TV musical special. Also appearing are Rosemary Clooney, Louis Armstrong, Bing's son Lindsay Crosby, The Four Preps, clarinetist Edmond Hall, Trombonist James Young, pianist Billy Kyle, Bob Hope, bass player Squire Gersh, drummer Barrett Deems, The Norman Luboff Choir, The dance team of Conn and Mann, and Warren Hull, spokesperson for Edsel.    

This special was to be the first CBS rebroadcast on video tape.            
1957-10-18, ABC, 19 min.
Frank Sinatra , Bob Hope

October 18th, 1957-June 27th, 1958 

Frank Sinatra half-hour variety series, also presenting dramatic shows and musical programs.   

Frank's guest is Bob Hope.                                 
1958-01-13, ABC, 00 min.
Frank Sinatra , Dinah Shore

October 18th, 1957-June 27th, 1958 

Frank Sinatra half-hour variety series, also presenting dramatic shows and musical programs.                       
1958-02-01, NBC, 51 min.
Jill St. John , Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin , Danny Thomas , Barbara Perry

Dean's guests on this variety special are Frank Sinatra, Danny Thomas, Barbara Perry, and Jill St. John.

Sponsored by Chesterfield and Oasis Cigarettes. Both products are plugged by Dean and Frank. 

Highlights include:

"When You're Smiling"- Dean, Frank, and Danny
We Hope You Enjoy Our Show Tonight- Dean, Frank, and Danny
"Getting To Know You"- Dean, Frank, and Danny
Dean sings while Danny does a comedy bit during the song
Dance Routine performed by Barbara Perry
"Last Night When We Were Young"- Frank
"I Love To Love"- Dean, Frank
Stand-Up routine about Vegas
"Forgetting You"- Danny
"That's Amore"- Dean
Tribute To The Academy Awards- 
"Three Coins In The Fountain"- Dean
"April Love"- Frank
"Our Love Affair"- Dean
"Sayanora"- Dean, Frank, and Danny
"All The Way"- Danny
Finale- Dean, Frank, and Danny 

1959-03-03, NBC, 00 min.
Jack Webb , Danny Thomas , Jane Wyman , Kay Starr , Eddie Fisher , Frank Sinatra , Dinah Shore , Bob Hope , Sid Caesar , Harry James , Betty Grable , Rosemary Clooney , Perry Como , Tony Martin , Nat King Cole , Emanuel Sacks

Stars from the world of show business pay tribute to the late Emanuel Sacks. Their tribute takes the form of 90 minutes of entertainment by Sid Caesar, Rosemary Clooney, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Eddie Fisher, Betty Grable, Bob Hope, Harry James, Tony Martin, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Kay Starr, Danny Thomas, Jack Webb and Jane Wyman.
Some of these entertainers were discovered by Manie Sacks, all of them were helped by him during his years as a record-industry and television executive and all were his friends.                     
1959-10-19, WABC, 52 min.
Jimmy Durante , Frank Sinatra , Bing Crosby , Mitzi Gaynor

Frank Sinatra welcomes guests Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Mitzi Gaynor. A surprise guest, Jimmy Durante, appears at the end of this variety special.
1959-10-19, ABC, 00 min.
Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin , Bing Crosby , Mitzi Gaynor

Dean Martin, Mitzi Gaynor and, Bing Crosby join Frank Sinatra in this one-hour musical special.
1959-11-03, NBC, 00 min.
Frank Sinatra , Mickey Rooney , Dean Martin

1960-02-15, ABC, 52 min.
Frank Sinatra , Lena Horne , Eleanor Roosevelt , Juliet Prowse , Barbara Heller , Mary Costa , John Cameron Swayze

    An ABC Television Video Taped Special.
Tonight Frank Sinatra surrounds himself with FIVE celebrated admired women...Lena Horne, Mary Costa, Juliet Prowse, Barbara Heller and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Sinatra offers a valentine to all of his female special guests. 
Over fifteen musical numbers are staged. 

John Cameron Swayze is the spokesman for sponsor Timex.

#13443: NEWS, THE
1960-07-07, , min.
Harry S. Truman , Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin , Yul Brynner , John F. Kennedy , Lyndon Johnson , Sam Rayburn , Hulan Jack , John Connelly

Pre-convention news. Sam Rayburn comments on John Kennedy's chances of winning Texas, John Connelly comments on Lyndon Johnson's chances, certain Hollywood stars including Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin support Kennedy while Yul Brynner doesn't believe celebrities should involve themselves in politics. Hulan Jack jury is still out, Mexican leader believes Mexico should side with Cuba, US franchise in Cuba is moved out, rioting in Italy is led by the communists, Democratic convention begins in Los Angeles, Truman might change his mind and go to the convention, Johnson predicts a victory for himself, other convention news.                                                    
1960-11-30, WCBS, 35 min.
Red Skelton , George Raft , William Demarest , Frank Sinatra , Dinah Shore , Bobby Rydell

Red Skelton plays host to guests George Raft, Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore, Bobby Rydell and William Demarest.
1961-01-15, WCBS, 78 min.
Frank Sinatra , Richard Rodgers , Julie London , Maurice Chevalier , Florence Henderson , Ethel Merman , Ron Hussman , Ronald Reagan

The third of six General Electric specials- a review of life in the 1920's and '30s, against a background of George Gershwin's music presented by top name stars: Maurice Chevalier, Florence Henderson, Ron Hussman, Julie London, Ethel Merman and Frank Sinatra. Richard Rodgers is host.             
1961-01-15, CBS, min.
Ronald Reagan , Frank Sinatra , Julie London , George Gershwin , Ethel Merman , Maurice Chevalier , Alvin Ailey , Carmen Lavallade , Ron Husmann , Richard Rodgers

This CBS special pays tribute to composer George Gershwin. Maurice Chevalier, Florence Henderson, Frank Sinatra, Julie London, Ethel Merman, and Ron Husmann are all on hand to salute the great composer. One in a series of variety programs sponsored by General Electric. 

Musical Highlights:

"Lady Be Good"- Maurice Chevalier 
"The Man I Love"- Julie London, Florence Henderson 
"Strike Up The Band"- Ethel Merman     
"I've Got A Crush On You"- Frank Sinatra
"Someone To Watch Over Me"- Florence Henderson 
"I Got Rhythm"- Ethel Merman 
Porgy and Bess Dance Medley- Alvin Ailey and Carmen de Lavallade

Host: Richard Rodgers
Ronald Reagan: Series Host 

1961-01-19, N/A, 174 min.
Jimmy Durante , Joey Bishop , Gene Kelly , Milton Berle , Frank Sinatra , John F. Kennedy , Jacqueline Kennedy , Mahalia Jackson , Tony Curtis , Janet Leigh , Bette Davis , Harry Belafonte , Peter Lawford , Ethel Merman , Ella Fitzgerald , Nat King Cole , Lawrence Olivier , Frederick March

Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford star-studded gala and party fundraiser staged at the national Armory in Washington DC on the night before JFK's formal inauguration.                                       
1962-04-25, WNBC, 58 min.
Frank Sinatra , Bob Hope , Janis Paige

Bob Hope's guests, on this special, are Janis Paige, Dorothy Lamour and Frank Sinatra.
1962-09-19, WCBS, 53 min.
Frank Sinatra , Judy Garland , Dean Martin

Judy Garland returns to TV after a six year absence. Guests are Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. First broadcast Feb. 25, 1962.
1962-12-09, NBC, 00 min.
Frank Sinatra , Dinah Shore , Gerry Mulligan Quartet , Bessie Griffin And The Gospel Pearls

October 5h, 1956-May 12th 1963. 

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show was an American Variety Series, hosted by Dinah Shore and broadcast on NBC from October 5th,1956- May 12th,1963.

1963-03-13, NBC, min.
Frank Sinatra , Bob Hope , Robert Goulet , Brenda Lee , Edie Adams , Lana Wood , Lori Martin , Karyn Kupcinet , Sheila James

The 1963 Hollywood Deb Stars. 

Dupe Of # 7013.                                                                            
1963-03-13, NBC, 00 min.
Frank Sinatra , Bob Hope , Robert Goulet , Brenda Lee , Edie Adams , Lana Wood , Lori Martin , Karyn Kupcinet , Sheila James

The 1963 Hollywood Deb Stars                                      
1963-04-08, ABC, min.
Gene Kelly , Eddie Fisher , Frank Sinatra , Maximillian Schell , Robert Goulet , Sophia Loren , Van Heflin , George Chakiris , Olivia De Havilland , Shelley Winters , Bette Davis , Johnny Mercer , Ginger Rogers , Audrey Hepburn , Ingrid Bergman , Gregory Peck , Patty Duke , Anne Bancroft , Rita Moreno , Ed Begley , Wendell Corey , Eva Marie-Saint , Sam Spiegel , Joshi Umeki

Frank Sinatra is the host for the 35th Annual Academy Awards presentation, telecast live from the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California. 

Ed Begley wins best-supporting actor award, Patty Duke wins for the best-supporting actress, Henry Mancini, and Johnny Mercer win for best song ("Days Of Wine and Roses") David Lean wins for best director ("Lawrence of Arabia") Gregory Peck wins the best actor ("To Kill a Mocking Bird") Anne Bancroft wins best actress award ("The Miracle Worker") "Lawrence Of Arabia wins best picture award for 1962. Sam Spiegel wins producer award for "Lawrence Of Arabia." 

Host: Frank Sinatra 

Duplicate of # 7502.                                                                                                               
1963-04-08, ABC, min.
Eddie Fisher , Frank Sinatra , Sophia Loren , Jack Lemmon , Burt Lancaster , Marcello Mastroianni , Bette Davis , Gregory Peck , Patty Duke , Anne Bancroft , Angela Lansbury , Ed Begley , Omar Sharif , Lee Remick , Thelma Ritter , Peter OToole , Katherine Hepburn , Terence Stamp

Frank Sinatra is host for the 35th Annual Academy Awards presentation, telecast live from the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California.                                               
1963-05-29, NBC, min.
Hugh Downs , Frank Sinatra , Bob Hope , Bing Crosby

Stars congratulate Bob Hope on his 60th birthday salute. Testimonials from Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.
Included are excerpts from old broadcasts 7/43, 8/43, 8/44.
Bob also marks his 25th year with NBC. 

Host: Hugh Downs.                                       
1963-06-08, WOR, 12 min.
Jerry Lewis , Bobby Darin , Carol Burnett , Frank Sinatra , John F. Kennedy , Ed Sullivan , Dean Martin , Tony Marvin , Josip Broz Tito , Martin Luther King , Jill St. John , John D. Griffin , Mamie Van Doren , Glen Ford , Kay Kendell

A Radio News Program hosted/voiced by John D. Griffin, N.Y. Mirror journalist,  who states the latest Hollywood, TV, Broadway gossip of the day. Also, interviews are heard recorded on location by Griffin and a celerity. 
Introduction by Tony Marvin.

Ed Sullivan barring future appearances of Bobby Darin who did not comply with his wishes after last appearing on his show, and many other "flash" gossip column" stories of the day. 

Current astronauts poorly paid averaging only $10,000 a year salary!

In a separate segment an on location interview with actress Jill St. John. She talks about a myriad of topics including working with Frank Sinatra on "Come Blow Your Horn," here fulture aspirations as an actress and going back to when she was five years old with remembrances. 

1963-09-11, WNBC, 20 min.
Frank Sinatra , Marlon Brando , Conrad Nagel , Pete Martin

September 9, 1963 - March 6, 1964

The lives of two Celebrities are recounted each day, through photos, newspaper clippings, letters and other material. Each celebrity is then evaluated by an "opionionator." Silent screen star Conrad Nagel is host-narrator for this live half-hour program, seen Monday through Friday form 1:00 to 1:30pm on local New York station WNBC. 

Throughout this six month series guest commentators include Pete Martin, Ben Miktum, Jerome Perlis, Betty Furness, Richard Willis, Hy Gardner, Sidney Fields, Helen Lauranceson, Hollis Alpert, Dorothy Serra, Otis Gurnsey, Raddie Harris, Muriel Davidson, Toots Shor, Lou Levy, Bill Davidson, Ted Nathan, Jill Sherry Zimmer,  Ted Donlevsky, Ella Winters, Al Lewis, Jacqueline Susann, Bernard Sobel, Ethel Barrymore Colt, Otto Preminger, Max Gordon, John Springer, John McCabe, Stanley Frank, William K. Everson, Richard Gamen, and others.

The careers of Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra are profiled by host Conrad Nagel with additional anecdotes from Peter Martin. An afternoon series broadcast live every week.                          
1963-09-29, WCBS, 39 min.
Jimmy Durante , Roger Maris , Elston Howard , Ralph Houk , Whitey Ford , Ed Sullivan , Mickey Mantle , Frank Sinatra Jr. , Helen Forrest , Tommy Dorsey , Al Downing , The Tommy Dorsey Band

Ed Sullivan's performing guests are Jimmy Durante, Frank Sinatra Jr., Helen Forrest, and the Tommy Dorsey Band. Ed introduces N.Y. Yankee stars Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Al Downing, Roger Maris, Elston Howard and Ralph Houk.
1963-09-29, CBS, min.
Ed Sullivan , Frank Sinatra Jr.

           June 20, 1948 - May 30, 1971

Television's longest-running variety series. Originally, titled, TOAST OF THE TOWN, the name of the series changed on September 18, 1955, to THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW. Most remembered for introducing many stand-up comedians, and musical acts, including The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, The Beatles. 

 Most of the 1,087 broadcasts, encompassing 10,000 performers, have been archived. The major exceptions are the first half-year of shows circa 1948 of which a few kinescope excerpts survive.
The ED SULLIVAN SHOW was a spectacular show-case that for twenty-three years entertained the American family. In its prime, more than thirty million viewers, young and old, tuned in at the same time to view popular culture.  

Ed Sullivan's guest is Frank Sinatra, Jr.    

1963-10-27, NBC, 32 min.
Joe Garagiola , Yogi Berra , Ralph Houk , Frank Sinatra , John F. Kennedy , Richard Schickel , Frank Lloyd Wright , Theodore Roosevelt , Ray Scherer , Frank Blair , Aline Saarinen , Nancy Dickerson , William Zinsser , Frederick Ramsey , Yigael Yadin , Carmen Berra , Martin Bookspan , Benjamin Britten

October 27th, 1963-July 11th, 1965 (NBC)

Premiere of SUNDAY a magazine news broadcast of the air televised weekly on Sunday's from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. 

Frank Blair is host to this weekly news "magazine" covering recent happenings i politics, the arts and sp orts. Regulars include Ray Scherer, politics; Richard Schickel, books; William K. Zinsser, films; and Joe Garagiola, sports. Frequent contributors will be Frederic Ramsey Jr. and Martin Bookspan, music; Aline Saarinen, art and architecture; Edwin Newman, Robert Abernethy, and Nancy Dickerson, background news features. 

This premiere broadcast begins by host Frank Blair stating:
"This is Sunday, the day of the Sun. The day the light was made. Sunday, a time of rest between labors. A time to look around and take note, since Sunday a week ago. 
Good afternoon, I'm Frank Blair. You are waiting a new program, SUNDAY. Like the day still new. Still to be Defined, Sunday October 27th, 1963. And each of us keeps our own appointments with the day."

Richard Schickel reports on the book "The Art of Warfare in Biblical Lands" by  Yigael Yadin. We hear "Letters from the Public," covering such diverse topics as self censorship, Rockefeller Center, Great Living American Women including a comment from Pauline Fredrickson  who states her most difficult reporting assignment in her career (July 13, 1960). 

We hear the voice of President Theodore Roosevelt giving advice to young men on how to conduct their lives. Joe Garagiola interviews newly elected New York Yankee manager, Yogi Berra and his wife Carmen Berra at their home. Yogi states that he was called this past February by Ralph Houk to take over the managerial role for the spring of 1963. Yogi talks about his strategy for managing and looks back at his 17 year career as a baseball player. 

Further topics covered...The Statue of Liberty now 77 years old, and a Peace Corp promotional film narrated by President John F. Kennedy. Martin Bookspan reports on the Benjamin Britten orchestration of "War Requiem." A segment is heard. It is an anti-war document. The famous Frank Lloyd Wright  house in Bear Run, Pa. is reported on by Aline Saarinen. It is considered to be the most beautiful house in America.

The new film "Tom Jones" is reviewed by William Zissner. 
Excerpts from the film are played. Edwin Newman reports on people who made the news this week, seriously and frivolously, including reports on Frank Sinatra's recent request to give up his Las Vegas hotel holdings. 

NBC newsman Frank Blair hosted this Sunday afternoon newsmagazine. Regular contributors were Joe Garagiola on sports, Ray Scherer (politics), Richard Schickel (books), and William K. Zinsser (films). 

Series premiere October 27, 1963 on Video Tape. 
A rare "lost" broadcast not extant in any broadcast form or transcript.  

NOTE: A few commercials are included. Wrigley Doublemint chewing gum, and GE sort white bulbs.                                                             
1963-12-11, WNEW, min.
Frank Sinatra , William B. Williams , Frank Sinatra Jr. , Jim Van Sickle

  News commentary of the day including Jim Van Sickle reporting Kenya's struggle for independence and the Kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr. and his safe return in the words of the patrolman who found him. Frank Sinatra comments.                         
1963-12-11, WNEW, min.
Frank Sinatra Jr. , Jim Van Sickle

WNEW radio news. 

Independence in Kenya, the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr.  

Jim Van Sickle reports.        
1963-12-11, CBS, min.
Walter Cronkite , Charles Kuralt , Frank Sinatra Jr.

Charles Kuralt reports on the release of Frank Sinatra Jr. Patrolman who found him comments.        

Host: Walter Cronkite.      
1963-12-11, WOR, min.
Frank Sinatra Jr. , Tony Marvin

World Today is a radio news program broadcast over the Mutual Broadcasting System and hosted by Tony Marvin. 

A report on the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr. He responds.

Host: Tony Marvin. 

1963-12-13, CBS, 28 min.
Walter Cronkite , Frank Sinatra , Frank Sinatra Jr. , Frank Gifford

News events of the day. Joined in progress.
FBI investigation of Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnapping. Feds searching for the $240,000 ransom money left for the kidnappers by Frank Sinatra. Frank Gifford reports that the New York Giants football team are ready for the Eastern Conference Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Host: Walter Cronkite.                                                   
1963-12-15, WCBS, 36 min.
Milton Berle , Frank Sinatra , Ed Sullivan , Al Hirt , Burt Lancaster , Frank Sinatra Jr. , Frank Gifford , The Amen Brothers , Y.A. Tittle

Performers include Burt Lancaster, Milton Berle (his first guest star variety show appearance on CBS since 1951), the Amen Brothers, Al Hirt and Y.A. Tittle. Ed Sullivan refers to Frank Sinatra Jr.'s "safe return to his family." There is a tape clip from Sinatra Jr.'s appearance on the Sullivan show two weeks before. Also heard are the following commercials: Domino Sugar, El Producto Cigars, Burt Lancaster for Christmas Seals, CBS Promo reminding viewers to watch the CBS late night sports with Frank Gifford.
1964-01-13, WNBC, 24 min.
Frank Sinatra , Joseph Cotten , Elvis Presley

The first of two parts, Joseph Cotten narrates the story of the rise of young idols from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley.
1964-02-15, WCBS, 52 min.
Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin , Bing Crosby , Rosemary Clooney , Kathryn Crosby

Mrs. Crosby (Kathryn) teams up with Bing for the first time.
1964-04-13, ABC, min.
Donna Reed , Steve McQueen , Shirley Jones , Frank Sinatra , Rock Hudson , Edward G. Robinson , Rita Hayworth , Jack Lemmon , Anne Baxter , Gregory Peck , Sammy Davis Jr. , Patty Duke , Anne Bancroft , Sidney Poitier , Julie Andrews , Ed Begley

        The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents its 36th annual Oscar Awards. Among the celebrities presenting awards are Julie Andrews, Anne Baxter, Rita Hayworth, Rock Hudson, Shirley Jones, Steve McQueen, Sidney Poitier, Donna Reed, Edward G. Robinson, and Frank Sinatra. Jack Lemmon is the host at the Santa Monica California Civic Auditorium. He introduces song-and-dance man Sammy Davis Jr., a short film history of the Awards, and the Award presenters, including last year's four top winners: Gregory Pick, Anne Bancroft, Ed Begley, and Patty Duke.    

Andy Williams, James Darren, Harve Presnell and Kayna Ranieri sing this years nominated songs.                             
1964-04-13, ABC, min.
Donna Reed , Steve McQueen , Shirley Jones , Frank Sinatra , Rock Hudson , Edward G. Robinson , Rita Hayworth , Jack Lemmon , Anne Baxter , Gregory Peck , Sammy Davis Jr. , Patty Duke , Anne Bancroft , Sidney Poitier , Julie Andrews , Ed Begley

        The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents its 36th annual Oscar Awards. Among the celebrities presenting awards are Julie Andrews, Anne Baxter, Rita Hayworth, Rock Hudson, Shirley Jones, Steve McQueen, Sidney Poitier, Donna Reed, Edward G. Robinson, and Frank Sinatra. Jack Lemmon is the host at the Santa Monica California Civic Auditorium. He introduces song-and-dance man Sammy Davis Jr., a short film history of the Awards, and the Award presenters, including last year's four top winners: Gregory Pick, Anne Bancroft, Ed Begley, and Patty Duke.    

Andy Williams, James Darren, Harve Presnell and Kayna Ranieri sing this years nominated songs.  

Duplicate of #9460.                                       
1964-04-13, ABC, 100 min.
Donna Reed , Steve McQueen , Shirley Jones , Frank Sinatra , Jack Linkletter , Rock Hudson , Edward G. Robinson , Rita Hayworth , Jack Lemmon , Anne Baxter , Gregory Peck , Sammy Davis Jr. , Patty Duke , Anne Bancroft , Sidney Poitier , Julie Andrews , Ed Begley , Irv Kupcinet

        The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents its 36th annual Oscar Awards. Among the celebrities presenting awards are Julie Andrews, Anne Baxter, Rita Hayworth, Rock Hudson, Shirley Jones, Steve McQueen, Sidney Poitier, Donna Reed, Edward G. Robinson, and Frank Sinatra. Jack Lemmon is the host at the Santa Monica California Civic Auditorium. He introduces song-and-dance man Sammy Davis Jr., a short film history of the Awards, and the Award presenters, including last year's four top winners: Gregory Pick, Anne Bancroft, Ed Begley, and Patty Duke.    

Andy Williams, James Darren, Harve Presnell, and Kayna Ranieri sing this year's nominated songs. Behind the scenes (press room) after Oscars, short interviews with Sidney Poitier and Irv Kupcinet. 

Duplicate of #9460.   

ABC radio simulcast with announcer Jack Linkletter.                                       
1964-10-30, WPIX, 37 min.
Danny Thomas , Steve McQueen , Arthur Godfrey , Hoagy Carmichael , Frank Sinatra , Rock Hudson , George Cukor , Dean Martin , Yul Brynner , Walter Pidgeon , Natalie Wood , Audrey Hepburn , Marlo Thomas , Richard Crenna , Ed Begley , Caesar Romero , Rex Harrison , Troy Donahue , Hugh OBrian , Maureen OHara , Gladys Cooper , Jack Warner , Frederick Lowe , Bill Burrud

Celebrities include George Cukor, Audrey Hepburn, Jack Warner, Frederick Lowe, Troy Donahue, Caesar Romero, Rex Harrison, Danny Thomas, Gladys Cooper, Ed Begley, Hoagy Carmichael, Natalie Wood, Yul Brynner, Maureen O'Hara, Jim Backus, Bill Burrows, Henny Backus, Hugh O'Brian, Walter Pidgeon, Rock Hudson, Richard Crenna, Steve McQueen, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Marlo Thomas, 

Live from the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California.     

Co-Hosts: Arthur Godfrey and Bill Burrud. 

A presentation of WPIX-TV Channel 11 in New York City.                                            
1965-05-18, NBC, 53 min.
Steve Allen , Jimmy Durante , Louis Armstrong , Frank Sinatra , Woody Allen , Bob Newhart , Steve Lawrence , Dean Martin , Carol Channing , Jack Jones , Bill Cosby , Ringo Starr , Tony Bennett , Peter Sellers , Paul McCartney , Henry Mancini , Petula Clark , Eddy Arnold , Roger Miller , Godfrey Cambridge , Stan Getz , Gale Garnett , Arthur Fiedler , John Lennon , Sammy Davis, Jr. , George Harrison , Swingle Sisters , Les Brown

Winners of the 1964 Grammy Awards give performances. Les Brown conducts the orchestra. 

Dean Martin is the host.                                    
1965-05-18, WNBC, 52 min.
Steve Allen , Nat King Cole , Louis Armstrong , Frank Sinatra , Woody Allen , Steve Lawrence , Dean Martin , Carol Channing , Jack Jones , Bill Cosby , Ringo Starr , Tony Bennett , Peter Sellers , Sammy Davis Jr. , Les Brown , Paul McCartney , Henry Mancini , Petula Clark , Eddy Arnold , Roger Miller , Godfrey Cambridge , Stan Getz , Gale Garnett , Arthur Fiedler , John Lennon , Beatles , George Harrison , Astrud Gilberto , Swingle Singers

Dean Martin hosts this musical hour featuring many winners of the recording industry's 1964 Grammy Awards. 

Special guest Sammy Davis Jr. offers a musical tribute to the late Nat King Cole; Frank Sinatra receives the Grammy Golden Achievement Award; and, in a segment taped in London, Peter Sellers interviews the Beatles.  

Introducing the Grammy-winning performers are Woody Allen, Eddy Arnold, Tony Bennett, Godfrey Cambridge, Carol Channing, Arthur Fiedler, Jack Jones and Steve Lawrence. 
Les Brown conducts.      


"Hello Dolly!"................................................Louis Armstrong
"Downtown".................................................Petula Clark
"King of the Road," "Dang Me"....................Roger Miller   
"Pink Panther Theme".................................Henry Mancini
Comedy Monologue--------------------------------------------Bill Cosby
"Girl from Ipanema".............................Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz
"A Hard Day's Night"...................................Beatles
"We'll Sing in the Sunshine".......................Gale Garnett
"Badinerie" (from Bach's Suite in B minor..........Swingle Singers               
1965-07-30, NBC, 60 min.
Joey Bishop , Frank Sinatra , Johnny Carson , Ed McMahon , Sammy Davis Jr.

October 1, 1962-May 22, 1992. Johnny Carson, host of NBC's network late-night "Tonight Show" reigned for 30 unprecedented years...five times the combined tenure of Steve Allen, and Jack Paar. Carson was impervious to competition, including efforts to dethrone him by Les Crane, Joey Bishop, Merv Griffin, Dick Cavett, Jack Paar, Pat Sajak, Joan Rivers, and Arsenio Hall. Sadly, very few complete "Tonight Show" broadcasts survive during Johnny Carson's first ten years of broadcasting. Around 1965, through the early 1970's, oldest tapes were first erased systematically by orders from myopic NBC executives, to be recycled for purposes of saving money. Ironically, in many cases, these older master tapes were too brittle, and portended probable drop-outs for re-use after being erased. Subsequently blank after being erased, these older questionable master 2" Quad tapes were either sparingly used or never used again for recording new programming and eventually were discarded. Saving thousands of dollars at the time (wiping master tapes for potential re-use) resulted in losing millions of dollars by NBC in today's marketplace, and more importantly wiping thousands of historic TONIGHT SHOW broadcasts, which contain precious personal anecdotes from political, show business, and sports icons of the past.

Guest Host: Joey Bishop. This program is a sixty-minute excerpt.
1965-09-16, WNBC, 52 min.
Frank Sinatra , Bob Newhart , Dean Martin , Diahann Carroll , Jan & Dean

September 16, 1965-May 24, 1974. A variety hour hosted by Dean Martin. Several of the shows were celebrity "roasts," set at a banquet table, in which the guest of honor was showered with insults by other celebs. Regulars of the series included pianist Ken Lane (1965-1972), Kay Medford, Lou Jacobi, The Golddiggers, Marian Mercer (1971-1972), Tom Bosley (1971-1972), Rodney Dangerfield (1972-1973), Dom DeLuise (1972-1973), and Nipsey Russell (1972-1974).
1965-10-15, ABC, 7 min.
Frank Sinatra , Jack E. Leonard

January 4, 1964-February 7, 1970. This hour-long variety series was a midseason replacement for "The Jerry Lewis Show."   

Host: Frank Sinatra. Guest: Jack E. Leonard.                                                                                
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