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1959-05-06, WRCA, 72 min.
Louis Nye, David Brinkley, Jack Benny, Dayton Allen, Don Hewitt, Robert Young, Raymond Burr, Dennis Weaver, Mike Nichols, Judith Anderson, Don Knotts, Elaine May, Ann B. Davis, Barbara Hale, Art Carney, Chet Huntley, Donna Reed, Richard M. Nixon, Phil Silvers, Dinah Shore, Bob Hope, Ed Sullivan, James Garner, Mickey Rooney, Ann Sothern, Walter Brennan, Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire, Tom Poston, Dick Clark

A galaxy of stars salute their own for the 1958-1959 TV season. Raymond Burr, Robert Young, Dennis Weaver, Barbara Hale, Art Carney, Dinah Shore, Tom Poston, Ann B. Davis, Phil Silvers, Don Hewitt, David Brinkley, Elaine May and Mike Nichols, Walter Brennan, Jack Benny, Donna Reed, Fred Astaire, Louis Nye, Dayton Allen, Don Knotts, Mickey Rooney, Judith Anderson, Dick Clark, Bob Hope, Ed Sullivan, Chet Huntley, and Vice President Richard M. Nixon.             
1959-05-06, NBC, 18 min.
Raymond Burr, Chet Huntley, Bob Hope, Ed Sullivan, Mickey Rooney, Shirley Temple, Dick Clark, Dame Judith Anderson, Ann Southern

A continuation from entry # 13344. Further guests include Ann Southern, Mickey Rooney, Shirley Temple, Dame Judith Anderson, Dick Clark, Bob Hope, Ed Sullivan, and Chet Huntley.

Host: Raymond Burr.                                      
1960-12-25, WNBC, 54 min.
Jonathan Winters, Jerry Colonna, Shirley Temple, Carl Ballantine, Joe Besser, Angela Cartwright, Glen MacDonough, Anna Alice Chapin, Sheldon Keller, Jack Brooks, Hanley Stafford, Ray Kellogg, Bob Jellison, Michel Petit, Victor Hubert

Presented on "SHIRLEY TEMPLE THEATRE." Toyland's the scene. Young Michael Petit and Angela Cartwright arrive there after running away from miserly Uncle Barnaby, played by Jonathan Winters, whom with three bumbling cutthroats try to do the babes in. Hosts Shirley Temple and her youngsters, Linda Susan, Charles Jr. and Lori. 


"Toyland," "Floretta".......................Shirley Temple

"Piper's Song"...................Jonathan Winters, Angela Cartwright, Michel Petit

"Gonzales, Rodrigo and Gonzorgo," "Sailor's Life".....Jerry Colona, Joe Besser, Carl Ballentine


"Go to Sleep"..............Angela Cartwright, Michel Petit

"Can't Do the Sum"......Hanley Stafford, Angela Cartwright, Michel Petit

"Doll Dance," "Wooden Soldiers"...........Dancers

NOTE: When Shirley Temple's Storybook children's anthology series originally broadcast as a series 16 specials airing on ABC TV on various nights (Jan. - Dec. 1958). In January of 1959 the program began to run regularly every third Monday night on ABC TV. 
When it moved to NBC in 1960 it became a weekly series and was renamed "The Shirley Temple Show" or "The Shirley Temple Theatre."

1960-12-25, WNBC, 54 min.

September 18, 1960-September 10, 1961. Shirley Temple served as host, narrator & occasional star of a weekly children's anthology series. The show was first seen as a series of 16 specials which aired on ABC (January through December 1958). SEARCH PROGRAM TITLE FOR COMPLETE DETAILS.
1961-04-17, ABC, min.
Steve Allen, Billy Wilder, Bobby Darin, William Wyler, Shirley Jones, Bob Hope, Tony Randall, Tony Curtis, Greer Garson, Burt Lancaster, Shirley Temple, Yul Brynner, Janet Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Jayne Meadows, Tony Martin, Cyd Charisse, Jimmy Stewart, Gina Lollobrigida, Tina Louise, Sandra Dee, Kitty Carlisle, Eric Johnson, Hugh Griffin, Moss Hart

Bob Hope is the host for the 33rd Annual Academy Award ceremonies telecast from the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California. This was the first time that ABC television broadcasted the awards. "The Apartment" took the award for best picture, Elizabeth Taylor won the best actress award for her performance in "Butterfield 8", Best actor award went to Burt Lancaster for "Elmer Gantry," Billy Wilder won best director award for "The Apartment," and Shirley Jones took best supporting actress for "Elmer Gantry."                                                
1963-09-12, WNBC, 20 min.
Conrad Nagel, Shirley Temple, Freddie Bartholomew, Ben Miktum, Jerome Perlis

The careers of Shirley Temple and Freddie Bartholomew are profiled by host Conrad Nagel with additional anecdotes from Ben Miktum and Jerome Perlis.
1964-02-03, WNBC, 52 min.
Mitch Miller, Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask, Shirley Temple, Sandy Stewart, Gloria Lambert, Victor Griffin, Bob McGrath, Gloria Chu, The Quinto Sisters, Dmitris Toufexis

January 27, 1961-April 21, 1961; September 28, 1961-September 21, 1964. Home viewers were able to participate in this hour-long musical series, as the lyrics to the songs were superimposed at the bottom of their screens; viewers were invited to "follow the bouncing ball" as it moved from one lyric to the next. Goateed composer-arranger Mitch Miller led the Sing-Along Gang, and on-stage aggregation of about two dozen. Among the featured vocalists were Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask, Barbara McNair, and Gloria Lambert. "Sing Along with Mitch" was introduced on "Ford Startime" in 1960 and had a limited run in the spring of 1961, alternating with "The Bell Telephone Hour," before going weekly in the fall of that year. Reruns were exhumed in the spring of 1966 to replace the faltering "Sammy Davis Jr. Show." Bill Hobin produced and directed the series.

Shirley Temple sings as she, Mitch and the gang recall the numbers she made famous as a child. Other soloists are Leslie Uggams, the Quinto Sisters, Bob McGrath, Victor Griffin, Gloria Chu and 8 year old pianist Dmitris Toufexis.
1967-11-19, ABC, min.
Fred Foy, Everett Dirksen, William Fulbright, George Romney, Francisco Franco, Shirley Temple Black

Voices in The Headlines was an American news program broadcast on ABC radio featuring the top news stories of the day. It was hosted by long-time radio and television announcer Fred Foy. 

A review of the week's top news stories: The Viet Cong inflict heavy damage on US base at Dak To, Senators Fulbright and Dirksen comment on the war, Governor Romney announces his candidacy for President, Shirley Temple Black loses Republican nod for Representative, General Franco opposes democracy.  

Narrator: Fred Foy.   

NOTE: Fred Foy, best known for his voicing the opening of THE LONE RANGER on radio joined the ABC TV announcing staff in New York in 1961. For ABC RADIO he narrated the award-winning news documentary, VOICES IN THE HEADLINES a 25-minute weekly wrap up of salient news events of the week with sound bites representing the news as it was recorded.                                                                                                                             
1968-10-01, NBC, 70 min.
Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, John Lindsay, Bert Parks, Joan Rivers, Bill Cosby, Sammy Davis Jr., Tiny Tim, Shirley Temple, James Drury, Doug McClure, Don Rickles, Jack Webb, Ed Ames, Norman Rockwell, Roddy McDowell, Joan Fontaine, Mr and Mrs Richard Rodgers, Darryl Zanuck, Paula Prentiss, Richard Benjamin, Don Piccard, Charles Addams

October 1, 1962-May 22, 1992. Johnny Carson, host of NBC's network late-night "Tonight Show" reigned for 30 unprecedented years...five times the combined tenure of Steve Allen, and Jack Paar. Carson was impervious to competition, including efforts to dethrone him by Les Crane, Joey Bishop, Merv Griffin, Dick Cavett, Jack Paar, Pat Sajak, Joan Rivers, and Arsenio Hall. Sadly, very few complete "Tonight Show" broadcasts survive during Johnny Carson's first ten years of broadcasting. Around 1965, through the early 1970s, the oldest tapes were first erased systematically by orders from myopic NBC executives, to be recycled for purposes of saving money. Ironically, in many cases, these older master tapes were too brittle and portended probable drop-outs for re-use after being erased. Subsequently blank after being erased, these older questionable master 2" Quad tapes were either sparingly used or never used again for recording new programming and eventually were discarded. Saving thousands of dollars at the time (wiping master tapes for potential re-use) resulted in losing millions of dollars by NBC in today's marketplace, and more importantly wiping thousands of historic TONIGHT SHOW broadcasts, which contain precious personal anecdotes from political, show business, and sports icons of the past

Johnny Carson celebrates his 6th anniversary as host of the Tonight Show. This is the first-anniversary show to show clips from past shows.

Highlights include: The James Drury-Doug McClure bar fight
Don Rickles: "The Japanese Bath."
Commercials: "The Way We Have Wanted To See Just One."-Sammy Davis Jr. Tiny Tim
The opening of "Cleopatra" with Bert Parks
Joan Rivers live-mentions first appearance on February 17th, 1965
Derek Commercial-Take off
New York City Mayor John Lindsay appears live-he praises, Carson, as a civil leader
Jack Webb-Carson skit: "Clean Copper Clappers."
Johnny narrates a football game 1963/64. 
Hot Air Ballooning-Jumping out of a plane
Ed Ames Tomahawk throw
Shirley Temple parody-
Carson sings as Shirley Temple. "The Good Ship Lollipop."
Norman Rockwell-Painting of Johnny Carson.
Also appearing is Bill Cosby.

More information on previous clips:
Carson in a barroom fight with Doug McClure and James Drury of the "Virginian."
Johnny is enjoying a Japanese massage but is getting heckled by Don Rickles. Carson then throws Rickles into the tub, clothes and all
Johnny appears as a soap salesman with Sammy Davis Jr. appearing in KKK sheets 
Carson as a mad scientist who turns into Tiny Tim
The opening of "Cleopatra" in which Bert Parks ran into many difficulties trying to interview guests to the opening night, Roddy McDowell, Joan Fontaine, Charles Addams, Mr. and Mrs, Richard Rodgers, Darryl Zanuck, etc. 
Johnny appears as Ralph Willie, a West Coast Teatime movie salesman, Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin assisting
Carson as "Derek" a take-off on the Eric Cigar commercial
Carson appears in a skit with Jack Webb about stolen clappers that were taken from a school bell. "Clean Copper Clappers."
Carson plays football with members of the New York Jets football team and ballooning with Don Piccard
Carson's recent skydiving stint in California 
The famous and hilarious 1965 tomahawk throw by Ed Ames. Tomahawk lands in a private area of outlined wall figure.
Johnny dresses as Shirley Temple and sings "On The Good Ship USA." revealing underwear instead of the patriotic petticoat.
Interspersed among film and tape clips guests chatted with Carson. A surprise appearance by New York City Mayor John Lindsay joking with Johnny about strikes and safe streets, etc.
Joan Rivers emerges from a large birthday cake and guest Norman Rockwell presents Johnny with a portrait of himself
Closing credits over montage of Carson in various costumes..                                                                                                                                                                                  
1974-12-25, SYN, 90 min.
Shirley Temple, Mike Douglas, Dizzy Gillespie, Mert Koplin, Charles Grinker, Bobby Burgess, Gene Tierney, Cissy King

1963-1982 (SYNDICATED). Mike Douglas hosted one of television's longest-running talk shows (19 years). Each week Douglas was joined by a different co-host. In 1967, "The Mike Douglas Show" became the first syndicated talk show to win an Emmy Award.

Broadcast from 1963-1978 in Philadelphia Broadcast from 1978-1982 in Los Angeles A salute to the '40s Co-Host: Shirley Temple
10 Results found for Shirley Temple
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